OBC have asked to increase the creamy layer from 6 Lakh to 10.50 Lakh

Backward Classes through national commission have requested the Central Government to increase the “creamy layer” criteria that is fixed to OBCs currently at Rupees 6 lakhs and they have asked it to increase to Rupees 10.50 lakhs as the annual salary. If this proposal is accepted by the centre then OBC’s will be able to access themselves to reservation net in central government jobs and other educational institutional jobs.

This creamy layer separates poor OBCs from and other rich OBC people in relation to income difference, who are not eligible for such quotas. This recommendation is not binding on the government, but it will be a great test to the present Mr Modi government which is quite politically sensitive.  If accepted then, this will be a great cheer to OBCs with high income. Upper cast people will see this Rupees 1 lakh salary on quota eligibility as completely abandoning of the Supreme Court judgement which was given in Mandal reservation matter and thus making creamy layer part of the Supreme Court’s judgment in the above case.

Even though the commission had given its recommendation on dual income ceiling at rupees 12 lakhs and 9 lakhs for urban and rural areas respectively, the central government fixed it at 6 lakh. This is quite crucial to Bihar because of its elections and thus this issue has assumed political importance as it has a very strong hold of OBCs and also that Mr Modi has been named that he himself is an OBC politician. In an OBC parliamentary forum meeting which was held last week, it was addressed that Narendra Modi was the 1st OBC PM. In this meeting, Upendra Kushwaha and Ram Kripal Yadav also had demanded to raise the income for OBCs. NCBC has said that there is no OBC’s who qualify for central jobs because of low income bar.  27% of vacancies which has been reserved for OBCs is not filled although there has been 3 revisions of income criteria, and thus there has been removal of OBCs who have income more than the prescribed limit. This creamy layer started in 1993 which has been revised again in 2004, 2008 and 2013. Commission told the centre that as per its data, OBCs representation does not include half of 27% of the given quota.

by Sushma Javare.