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Obtaining Gun Licence will become easier : Government’s initiative to modify existing provisions

New Delhi : The proposals to amend the provisions of the Arms Act rules for cutting down, the paperwork and ensuring timely granting of licences, are put forwarded by the Home Ministry. As such it will be easier to get Gun licence. On this Thursday, the Government has put out the draft connected thereto.

The draft rules making such proposals, shows that the number of required documentations for making application to avail licence of owning Gun to be reduced to around one dozen from the two dozen documents which are presently required to make applications as such. Also it is proposed that the verification by Police authority relating to such issuance of licence, to be completed within the period of 1 to 3 months, having regard to the arms category.

Further, the proposal contains provisions as to issuance of licences for owing the weapons along with Unique Identification Number- UIN, so as to help the record keeping in an electronic form relating to the concerned weapon. It could be seen by the 1st day of October, 2015, that the Weapon owning without such Unique Identification Number- UIN will be termed as invalid.

The proposals further extended to the effect that an Individual Applicant, making applications for Arms licences, should undergo a complete course on training as to Arms and Ammunition Safety. And such course should be completed under the trainer being accredited one or even from such accredited Shooting Club, which should cover the important and basic relating to Arms and Ammunition and also its handling and firing techniques and procedures, its safer storage and the Arm Act’s relevant provisions’ basic and working knowledge.

It is as such, the obtaining of the licence for Gun, would become easier and simpler for those persons who are facing grave and imminent threat to their lives either by reason of their duties nature which have targeted them in the eyes of Terrorists, militants, etc. and also Members of Parliament, Members of Legislative Council and also others being connected with the anti- terrorists activities. Views from various stake-holders have been invited on the proposed rules.

by Faim Khalilkhan Pathan.