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Petition against entry of Two Lawyers of SC, connected to Nirbhaya’s Case

New Delhi: Women Lawyers’ Association at Hon’ble Supreme Court of India sought prohibition on entry in the Court premises, of Advocate, M. L. Sharma and Advocate A. P. Singh, who pleaded for defense in the gang rape case of Nirbhaya.

The Petition was filed on this Thursday, alleging the act of making derogatory remarks against the dignity of Women, which were made in the BBC documentary namely, “India’s Daughter” The said documentary is already in controversy. The said remarks involve such comments which as per Women Lawyers’ Association, Supreme Court, had resulted in the insecurity, indignation and fear for those who are practicing women in the Hon’ble Supreme Court of India. And as such, it was claimed by said Association that, their fundamental right in respect of working in the Supreme Court with dignity and without gender bias, has been threatened.

The said petition is filed through the Advocate, Mahalakshmi Pavani, being Chairperson of Gender Sensitization Committee and Registrar of the Honble Supreme Court of India. Hon’ble Chief Justice H. L. Dattu being a bench decided to hear the matter next week.

The show cause notices have been issued by the Bar Council of India (BCI) to these defence lawyers and consequently, if the allegations will found true and lawyers involved found liable therein, then their respective licences to practice in the Court of Law will be revoked.

It was found in the controversial documentary that A P Singh has opined on the incident as if his daughter or sister found engaged in any pre-marital activities or otherwise lose her character, then certainly, he would have taken her to his farmhouse and would also have pour petrol on her and set fire, in front of entire his family.

Similarly, another lawyer, Mr. M L Sharma found saying in his words that “…. she should not be put on the streets just like food. The ‘lady’, on the other hand, you can say the ‘girl’ or ‘woman’, are more precious than a gem, than a diamond. It is up to you how you want to keep that diamond in your hand. If you put your diamond on the street, certainly the dog will take it out. You can’t stop it…”

The petition contains that, “ …the derogatory and insulting words used by Mr. Sharma in his statements to the international news agency it is clear that according to him women should not be allowed to go out after the time specified by him, they should have no choice of choosing persons with whom they want to spend time, they should not be allowed to be friends with men, they should not be allowed live their life as per their wish…”. And further is was alleged in the petition that, such statements has maligned reputation of both, the women in the country and nation also.

The petition said that the comments made by these two lawyers in the said controversial documentary, are “inhumane, scandalous, unjustifiable, biased, outrageous, ill-minded” and are a “direct affront to and in violation of the dignity of women”, especially those practicing in the Hon’ble Supreme Court of India.

 by Faim Khalilkhan Pathan.