Punjab University notified inclusion of Transgender category column in its admission forms

Chandigarh: It is an old saying that, everyone can learn and be educated, irrespective of his, caste, creed, religion, age and now gender. Now, a notification is issued by the Registrar of the one of the oldest University, i.e. Punjab University (PU) in respect of introducing very soon, a column in all Application forms, Academic Testimonials and other concerned documentations of Punjab University, for Transgender under the category ‘Gender’.

Concerned notification was issued by the Punjab University after taking decision on the basis of communication received from University Grants Commission- UGC. It was communicated through that Communication to all the Institutions imparting Higher education, that Hon’ble Apex Court of the Country has pronounced a Judgment pertaining to uphold the rights of Transgender community to decide their self-identified gender -i.e. they can now, decided to be Male, Female or Third gender. The decision was taken as it will be a way of properly safeguarding and enforcing the rights of Transgender community enshrined under the Constitution.

As per Notification so issued, the Vice- Chancellor, Prof. Arun Kumar Grover has approved certain measures for removal of discrimination against the Transgender Community. Such measures are to be implemented immediately, as provided under the said Notification.

The Notification also contained that, the Punjab University will also provide for infrastructural facilities in their campuses, for Transgender community based candidates, including Transgender friendly washrooms and restrooms, etc. In addition, the University to hold sanitization programmes and awareness workshops for their students, teachers, etc. for bringing the Transgender community in the mainstream of life.

The UGC, certain month before, has asked the Universities to fast – track the mainstreaming of Transgender Community Students and to develop Transgender friendly infrastructure like restrooms, etc. in their campuses.

UGC had stated on the issue of Transgenders that, for taking up ethnographic studies on the life and culture of Transgender Community for better understanding and dispelling myths about them in popular discourse, the facilities should be encouraged.

As per secretary of UGC, Mr. Sandhu, the Transgender community is distinct cultural identity and having unique presence on the socio – cultural map of the Country. He admitted that, there is much remains to be done for ameliorate the discrimination and deprivation in respect of Transgender community in our society.

The direction was followed by the several Universities including Mumbai University and also Delhi University.

by Faim Khalilkhan Pathan.