Reclamation work of China in the South China Sea causing ecological, economic damages: Philippines

About 300 Acers i.e. 1.2 Sq. Kilo meters of coral reef was destroyed due to reclamation work of China in the South China Sea as per allegations levelled by Philippines on this Monday. According to them, it destroy causing annual estimated losses of around $100 million to Coastal Nations.

It can be seen in relation to such reclamation work of around 7 reefs in the Spratly Archipelago by China in the South China Sea has resulted in alarming others including the Philippines and Vietnam, and also resulted in growing criticism from the officials of Government of United States and the military thereof.

Mr. President of United States, Barack Obama stated that Washington is concerned China is using its sheer size and muscle to push around smaller nations in concerned South China Sea. Drawing a swift rebuke from Beijing.

As per Foreign Ministry of Philippine, stated in its statement, the said reclamation work is resulting in irreversible and widespread damages to the biological diversity and also to the ecological balance in the South China Sea. They refused to accept the claim of China that the said reclamation work is not causing damage to the Ecological Environment of the Sought China Sea. And as aforesaid, the said resulting in annual estimated economic losses of $100 million every year.

The concerned activities of work of reclamation being unilateral on the part of China, has disregarded the people from surrounding States, more particularly, the people depending upon the concerned Sea as to their livelihood for generations, as per Philippines.

The Philippines required China to halt the said work of reclamation in the South China Sea by respecting an Informal code of Conduct which the Beijing and South-East Asian nations has signed in the year 2002 and also required China to work on solutions being long term for resolving Maritime disputes with peace.

Further, the foreign ministry of Philippine, has added that Beijing also tolerated harmful fishing practices in Scarborough Shoal, namely Bajo de Masinloc in the Philippines. Beijing seized the control of area in the year 2012.

by Faim Khalilkhan Pathan.