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Research Internship Banner is a law information portal established in 2012 with the aims to provide reliable information on various laws of India along with day-to-day legal issues and latest legal news. LawyersLaw is an innovator and pioneer in promoting clarifications and updates for public. Lawyerslaw covers a wide range of sessions like Legal News, Indian Law reviews, Legal articles, Law book reviews, Law FAQs, Case Comments/Case Briefs, Law Events, Law School Information and more.

We are giving you this esteemed platform to work as a Legal Research Interns which will ultimately helps you to shape your career as a true professional.

Post Title: Online Legal Research Intern

Eligible Person: Law students, Legal research scholars, Law teachers and Lawyers.

Term of Period: The period of contract is for 6 months and those chosen as Research Intern will get an opportunity to publish their profile in the Lawyerslaw  Contributors page. But if your work remains unsatisfactory then you will be removed from the post without any prior notice. We will only consider to extend the term on the basis of your work and ability.

Duties as a research intern:

1.You should update yourself with latest Legal News, Court decisions, Government report, Latest Bills, Latest Legislation, Changing Legal Rules etc

2.You should write Article according to our requirements. But you are free to write your interested topics with our prior permission. Article must be 100% unique and should not be published in any print, digital or other medias.

3.You must report our editors team regularly and should finish the assigned work within the prescribed time period.


Certificate of Internship: Those students who perform the assigned task very well and complete it in the prescribed time, will be awarded with duly recognized Certificate of Internship by Lawyerlaw.

Experience Certificate: Candidate other than students who perform the assigned task very well and complete it in the prescribed time period, will be awarded with an Experience Certificate by LawyersLaw.

Candidates having excellent research and writing skills can send their Resume along with a sample Article to

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