Salman’s Hit and Run Case: SC issued notice to Actor on Petition filed by Maharashtra Government challenging order of his acquittal

New Delhi: Bollywood Star- Salman Khan is issued with the notice today i.e. on Friday, 19th day of this February, 2016, by the honourable Supreme Court of India in relation to the plea sought against the acquittal granted by the High Court.

The case is in relation to the 2002’s hit and run issue against the bollywood actor- Salman Khan, where one person was killed and other four were injured. However, in the year 2015 (December 10th), the cine- actor was acquitted by the High Court of Bombay. But, now the Maharashtra Government is challenging his acquittal order which was made by the High Court. The Bombay High Court, has acquitted him of all charges, and mentioned that the prosecution had failed to prove the case beyond reasonable doubts, also it failed to prove that Salman was driving the vehicle at the time when the accident had taken place and also that he was drunk at that time.

It was also seen that the Trial Court in this matter had held Salman guilty against such charges, but the said judgement was challenged by him in the High Court of Bombay and as such the acquitting decision was came out from the High Court, which now is challenged before the Apex Court. In the case he was allegedly charged for running the over five people sleeping on a pavement outside a laundry in suburban Bandra with his Land Cruiser. In the mishap one killed and four were injured.

Moreover, in the judgement by the High Court, it was found mentioned that Court find the statements of the eyewitness- Ravindra Patil as ‘wholly unreliable’. Ravindra patil who was happened to be the Police Bodyguard of Salman Khan. Said Ravindra had recorded his statements before the magistrate in this case and stated that Salman was driving under the influence of liquor.

The case of Salman is presented by the Senior Advocate, Kapil Sibal. And he contented before the court that the conviction of Salman was based on a single persons’ testimony which cannot be relied upon. However, Mukul Rohatgi- attorney general had pointed that there were scores of other witnesses at the accident spot besides the sole witness which was pointed by Sibal, and all such witnesses had seen the actor on the driver’s seat when the accident took place.

Adv. Faim Khalilkhan Pathan