Search Code of Google required to be given: Lawmakers of France

The Search Companies required by the French’s Senate for handing over access to their search algorithms to ensure that the rivals will be treated fairly. Even it is also required by the Senate of the Country that search companies to post links to three competitor search engines on their search results pages.

It was decided that the non-compliance of the decision will entail the penal liability to pay the penalty to the equal value of the 10% of global profits by the Search companies. The Law applies to every search engine running companies, however, the Google (GOOGL, Tech30) is having about 90% of the shares of the Search Market in the France Country, as such the law clearly aimed at Google.

Though the concerned desire was expressed by the Law makers- senate of the Country, but, it is appeared that the President François Hollande’s Government is opposing the same as such the chances of Bill to turn into law are very few.

The desire was expressed in the form of amendment to the Bill which is to provide for growth of economy of the French Country, which reportedly will go up for a wider vote in the National Assembly of France after this month. However, before the said amendment was tweaked, the preliminary version thereof was declared unconstitutional in the Country.

It could be seen that the vote came just after a day on which the European Union had levelled serious anti-trust charges against the Google, where that company faces a fine of amount which is more than a quarter’s worth of its profits and similarly, the company could have to change the way of displaying results of search in the European Union.

It can also be seen that in case the present bill will pass and turned into a Law then also the Google may not opt to share its algorithm, it might consider ceasing operations in France. The result will be, thought the servers of the Google would not be available in the France, but its search engine would still be available in the Country for which its servers would be located in another country. Similarly, as in case of China, where in the year 2010, the Search company had removed its servers and business from that mainland of the country and placed it to the Hong Kong which allowed the company to display search results for the Chinese which liability of censor as to the results as per the Laws of China.