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Shri Motilal Ji Pagariya Memorial 3rd National Seminar on Green Law, Environment and the Climate Change on 13th and 14th March, 2015

This would be a good news for the aspiring law students who are interested in go-green campaigns and want to become future environmentalists, could grab a wonderful opportunity to be offered by MATS Law School, Raipur to involve themselves and join their hands together in creating an awareness program and raising voice on environmental issues.  MAT Law School provides undergraduate programs, Post-graduation programs, dual degree courses in Law. MATS Law School on the eve of Memorial Day of Shri Motilal Ji Pragariya, organized 3rd National Seminar, which is a two-day event on 13th and 14th days of March, 2015 at their own campus which is MATS Law School, University Campus, Raipur. The seminar is mainly focused on ‘Green Law, Environment and the Climate Change.’  The objective behind conducting this seminar is to bring all the law students from different universities and colleges across the Nation to discuss their research work on various issues related to environment on various aspects such as ways for conservation of water, environmental law, Marine biodiversity, usage of nuclear energy and, protection of wild life; to discuss on implementation of various measures and laws to save environment and to controlling the pollution factors, and other ancillary issues related to the environment.  Secondly, this Seminar also arranged to give an idea to the students on developing relations between the education institution and experts from other disciplines like law, arts, library, media, community, educational, industrial sectors, government agencies and NGOs to work effectively to attain better results on environmental issues.  Finally, the seminar would be a platform to discover an array of new researchers with legal background to assist and cooperate in regulating the environment with policy makers of our nation.

Themes for the seminar is given below:


Theme 1 – Water conservation protection

  • Privatization of water in India
  • Groundwater contamination/recharge
  • Water harvesting measures
  • Cross border water sharing dispute in International law
  • Linking of rivers in India – The mega projects
  • Use of rivers for freight transportation

Theme 2 – Human health and environmental

  • Law
  • Compulsory construction of toilets at schools
  • Trade in genetically modified food – balancing human health and starvation
  • Food starvation as threat to public health

Theme 3- Marine biodiversity

  • Marine trade and development
  • Marine biodiversity and tourism
  • Issues of rise in sea level
  • Coastal zones management, ecosystem & habitats
  • Sustainable fishery and sea food

Theme 4- Nuclear safety and liability

  • India’s civil liability laws for nuclear damage
  • Hyde Act
  • Nuclear liability bill and related issues.
  • Socio economic issues involved in the development of nuclear power in India
  • Safe and sustainable development of nuclear power in India

Theme 5 – Other contemporary issues

  • Climate refugees
  • Protecting endangered species, plants and animals
  • Sustainability of natural resources: use vs. utilization Protection of forests
  • United Nations Lima Conference

Registration fees for the participant in the seminar is Rs. 1000/- and if any co-authorship,  separate fees to be paid along with registration through Demand Draft in favour of  – “MATS University, Raipur”, payable at Raipur.

Specifications for submission of abstract in pursuance of seminar are that the abstract should not exceed more than three hundred words and to reach the authorities on or before 25.02.2015  by email to  Information regarding selection of the abstract would be informed to the concerned authors before 26.2.2015.

Conference starts from 10 am on the first day of conference covering two  technical sessions and second day starts little early at 9 am to cover remaining the three sessions.  Organizing Committee for the conference presided by Shri Gajraj Pagariya – Chancellor, Patron, Shri Sushil Chandra Pagariya – Director General, Shri Priyesh Pagariya – CEO, Prof. G. P. Tripathi – Director.

by Anitha Gutti

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