Shrill voices favouring Net Neutrality, will not win debate, US & UK too not strictly practicing principle, said TRAI Chairman

The debate on the issue of Net Neutrality will not win by the ‘Shrill voices’ as per Chairman of Telecom Regulatory Authority of India- TRAI, Mr. Rahul Khullar, as the same is not strictly practiced even in the Countries like United States-US and the United Kingdom- UK, even though there is an voice in favour of the said Net Neutrality.

The concept behind the principle of ‘Net Neutrality’ seeks to accord the equal treatment for all Internet traffic, without any discrimination or priority in favour of any person, entity or company.

However, as per the discussion papers in respect of this issue, floated by the Telecom Regulatory Authority of India- TRAI, the raging debate has broken out in India following the launch of platforms including Airtel Zero and

As per Mr. Chairman, Rahul Khullar there should be an Democratic debate on this issue, which is waiting to happen and the same will be loosen by the Shrill voices. He further, claimed to happen the reasoned arguments of cool heads from both sides, which in his mind, a need of the hour.

Opposing the issue, TRAI Chairman further said that in respect of the Net Neutrality there are different practices in different areas like in United Kingdom- UK and parts of Europe are not favoring strictly the practice of Net Neutrality and even in the United States- US the plans of Zero rating are permissible.

There are more than eight lakhs of petitions against any attempt to throttle the concept of Net Neutrality, while the discussion papers are put for the responses of the public comments which are sought till 24th day of this April.

Mr. Rahul Khullar stated that the department will decide the further action in case of Net Neutrality, after having completion of the arguments from both the sides for which a consultation process is running by it and the department is letting the comments to come from everybody.

Even from both the Airtel and Facebook a contention preferred to claim that their platforms are not violating the Net Neutrality concept and they further claimed that they are aiming actually to expand Internet access in India.

 by Faim Khalilkhan Pathan.