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Students Who Abuse Teachers Can Be Dismissed: Madras High Court

The hon’ble High Court of Madras ruled that students who abuse the lady teachers, who are trying to enforce order and control in the college, using extremely dirty language by phone or by sending text messages to the phone shall be dismissed from the institution. The High Court was rejecting the petition filed by two students of Tiruchi Government Law College. The bench consisted of Justice R Sudhakar and Justice V M Velumani who declined to entertain the argument raised by the petitioners that the dismissal by the institution will lead to punishment which is not in proportion to the misbehavior done by them.

The Court opined that the appellants does not deserve any sympathy. The decision reached by the principal of the college to dismiss the students for misconduct towards the professor is correct, the court said. The bench said that the students used filthy language towards an Assistant Professor of the college who is also engaged as hostel warden of the college. She had earlier objected the petitioners from giving gifts to the girl students of the hostel. An inquiry was conducted by the police and it was revealed that the students had 11 SIM cards under their possession. The students were arrested on the grounds under Tamil Nadu Prohibition of Harassment of Women Act, 1998 and also Information Technology Act, 2008. Thereafter, some of the students tried to destroy the evidence.

Hence, by considering all these facts the Court came to the conclusion that the appellants joined together to engage in such a serious criminal offence. The Court also concluded that the charges framed against the accused were proved by the college management when they conducted the internal inquiry. Therefore, the Court said that the students who are abusing teachers can be expelled from the college. The decision of the head of the institution is acceptable and the students does not deserve any kind of loyalty from this court.

Adv. Jewel Panicker