Supreme Court directs all State Bar Councils to complete ‘verification proceedings’ before 30th June; BCI to file status report

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New Delhi: The honourable Supreme Court of India asked all the State Bar Councils to take necessary steps and conclude all the ‘verification proceedings’ by the 30th day of coming June month and then the reports should be sent to the Bar Council of India. The court was considering the issues of fake lawyers.

The court was deciding the application, on 10th day of May, where an interim order by it was made saying “it appears that the Bar Council of India has taken steps for causing an enquiry and also for finding out ‘fake lawyers’ out of its members” and those people who are not even members of the Bar Council or Bar Associations of the Country as per the provisions of the Advocate Act, 1961 and rules made under that Act. The court’s bench also observed that the Bar Council of India “has sought reply from the concerned State Bar Councils in this regard.” As such, the court decided that the all the State Bar Councils to take necessary steps for replying to the Bar Council of India, in relation to such fake lawyers.

Moreover, the court also stated on the Bar Council of India’s receiving replies form all such State Bar Councils, it is said that the Bar Council of India “would file a status report in the matter as to what steps they have taken in this regard before the next date of hearing.” Moreover, the Bar Council of India also empowered by the Court to “notify all the State Bar Councils, that they must take all steps to complete the process before 30.06.2016.” Stating this the court decided to fix the matter in the first week of month of July, 2016.

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As such, in this context it was also seen that a state bar council for Delhi seemed extending the last date for submitting verification forms by the member to 6th day of June, 2016. Earlier the said date was 15th day of this month. As such, now for Delhi lawyers, the last date for submitting their verification forms is 6th June, 2016.

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