Supreme Court Justice’s Timely Remark on PiyushGoyal’s Comment on “Judicial Overreach”

Senior Judge of Honorable Supreme Court retorted sharp remark to Union Minister about environment protection. The comment made by Piyush Goyal, Minister of power, coal and renewable energy in global conference was literally faced verbal Confrontation by Justice T.S Thakur.

Minister on International Conference of Global Environmental issues pointed out that the judicial decisions have an overreach in the environmental issues that creates more harm than good. He added that the judicial overreach or sensationalism on environmental issues only creates damage rather than growth. He again gave a remark that Government is keen on providing job opportunities along with assurance in economic development not at the grant of environmental degradation. The governmental actions are aimed at saving the environment rather than damaging it. He also sought pragmatic judicial review on the restrictions on environmental issues. This remark made Justice to respond quickly criticizing the actions taken by Government to protect the environment.

Justice sited several judicial interventions that were taken for environmental protection. He added though at times Judiciary had to transgress it purview in environmental issues it is only with an ultimate objective ensuring Constitutional Guarantee of protection of environment and right to life of the people of the country. He affirmed that the protection of environment of the country is “spearheaded” only by the judiciary in the country.

Justice had also made sarcastic comment to the actions taken up by the Government to clean Holy Rivers, Ganga and Yamuna where government had squandered crores in the name of cleaning the rivers. He added that when the court give direction to Government to clean the mess judiciary is held guilty of extending its power or so said “overreach” in the issue.

Before the elegant participants in the conference including foreign judges, advocates and students he emphasized eloquently that judiciary’s “over reach” is only for constitutional guarantee. He cited example of judicial intervention in CNG for public vehicles in Delhi despite strong opposition from the Government. His sense of humor on serious issues were accepted with loud applause from the participants, where he gave the reply on flood on Kashmir and shrinking on Dal lake, that it was not due to “judicial overreach.”

by Dhanya R.