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Supreme Court rejects plea seeking probe into whether Salman Khan utilized cash for his acquittal

The Honourable Supreme Court of India, today rejected the plea looking for test into whether Salman Khan and his family utilized cash to secure Salman’s exoneration in 2002 hit and run case. Justice J S Khehar termed the request as “wild allegation without any basis” and said that the fundamental contention in regard to his exoneration is earlier being heard by it.

M L Sharma the Delhi lawyer had admonished firmly before the court regarding an announcement purportedly made by Salman’s dad Salim Khan that they spent Rs 25 crore for the case. Sharma further affirms that it was an extreme confession which indicates that cash has been utilized to influence judiciary

But the bench said: “They have spent on lawyers’ fee. Where have they said they purchased anyone? These are wild allegations.”

Adv. Mikky Sudhakaran