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Supreme Court reversed its own judgement of 2015 and decides to allow publication of photos of CM, Governor in official advertisements

New Delhi: Today, on 18th March, the Supreme Court of India has reversed its order of 2015 and now it has allowed the use of photographs of Governors, Chief Ministers and Ministers in the Government advertisements, even as preparations are underway for assembly polls in five states next month.

The decision is made by the Apex Court’s concerned bench comprising of Justice- Ranjan Gogoi and Justice- P. C. Ghose, which has decided to review the earlier verdict which given by it in the last year. As per the Judgement of 2015, the court had banned the pictures of the Chief minister, Governor, etc. in the Government Advertisement however, now, the situation is changed, and the Apex court have turned its earlier decision and now allowed the publication of the photographs of such authorities, in the Government advertisement.

It was made in the case which was brought up by the Central Government and also several state governments through the petitions where they were seemed claiming the review of the judgement of 2015. The earlier judgement of 2015 was allowing the publication of the photographs of only, Prime Minister, President of India and Chief Justice of India, in the official media advertisement of the Government.

It was Central Government which has argued in the case that the instances of publishing photographs in the advertisements and also what should be the contents of the advertisements and should be decided by the Government. Moreover, the Government was seeking non- interference of the Court in the policy matters. Also, in the State Governments support, the Central Govt. also seen stating that barring of the photographs of the Chief Minister on the advertisements is also against the Federal structure.

It was seen in the order of the 2015, the Apex court that time said that the publishing of the photographs of the politician and associating them with the Government policy and achievements, could lead to the development of the personality cult and that would be the antithesis of democratic functioning. But, now it has changed the situation, by allowing the publication of such photographs in the advertisements.

Adv. Faim Khalilkhan Pathan

Read the Order: State of Karnataka Vs Common Cause and Ors.Etc. Etc on 18th March, 2016

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