Supreme Court Scrutiny on Schemes Framed on Toilets in Schools

Keeping proper toilets in Schools as supreme priority, Supreme Court started its investigation on Schemes framed for Toilets by State Governments. Supreme Court emphasized clean and hygienic Toilets particularly to co-educational schools and more particularly to girls school. This Court holds strong that safe and clean toilets in schools will help in sustaining good health condition of the students who use it.

 Andra Pradesh and Telengana are the two states were in focus. Supreme Court of India, summoned the concerned secretaries of the two State Governments. This bench also noticed and recorded the deficiencies highlighted by the Committee in the status report on its order to visit the schools personally for inspection. This Bench also demanded to submit their schemes framed for the construction of clean and acceptable toilets in schools. Both the states defaulted to frame the schemes.

The Committee Chairman clearly pointed out that, there are structures available in certain Schools but they were totally sick and not being maintained properly.

 Supreme Court after noticing the poor sanitary atmosphere maintained in schools in the States clearly pointed out that priority of framing of schemes and the time frame granted to the State Governments are secondary. Our first priority is to understand that “Toilet in Structure only is not a toilet in reality”. This Court clearly estimated that both the States in focus won’t have any innovative ideas to construct a structure, call it as toilets.

J.K.Raju, an applicant before this court, attentively alleged that the two States should be dragged to contempt proceedings for not providing any schemes or facilities for toilets in schools.

Supreme Court clearly insisted the authorities of the two States to have a clear picture on building safe and clean toilets having proper facilities. The scrutiny of the scheme is based on 2012 Judgment (Environment & Consumer Protection Foundation V Delhi Administration & Others), wherein it has ordered all schools in India to provide toilets and other basic facilities for their good hale studies. This court in further order that the schemes to be framed and filed in apex court within four weeks.

This court order gains significance as the Prime Minister in his 66th Republic Day speech had argued the importance of separate and clean toilets for girls and boys in school. It is also told that U.S is going to assist in this project of sanity for our country to improvise the living standard of the people.

The secretary to the government, school education departments of both the States were ordered to remain personally before this Court on 10.03.2015. Supreme Court further ordered that the schemes to be framed and filed in apex court within four weeks.