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Supreme Court seeks States and Civic Bodies to sterilise, vaccinate stray dogs as per PCA Act

New Delhi: States and the Civic Bodies are required by the Honourable Supreme Court of India, yesterday, i.e. on 9th March, to take steps for sterilizing and vaccinating nuisance- causing stray dogs under the provisions of the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Act.

The directions were made by the Bench of the Apex Court comprising of the Justice- Dipak Misra, Justice- Prafulla C. Pant. The bench further required the filing of the reports by the State Governments, indicating compliance of the provisions of the Act regarding stray dogs, with the Animal Welfare Board. And such reports are sought to be filed within the period of 6 months.

Moreover, the Board would then consider the reports, in turn, and prepare a module for dealing with the issue, as directed by the bench. Moreover, the Board is also required to file their response four weeks after it gets the replies from the State.

The Senior Advocate- Dushyanat Dave who was assisting the court as ‘amicus curiae’ stated that the things are to be balanced as there are instances of deaths due to dog bites. He further stated that he was yet to come across a news, in which the NGOs being animal loving ones have come forward and helped the victims of dog bites.

However, from the side of the Maharashtra Municipality, the Senior Advocate- Shekhar Naphade stated that NGOs receive funds, but they do not do anything and “only complain”. And later he also said that the NGOs must be required to give their accounts of works which they have done for welfare of such animals.

It was apex Court which heard the batch of petitions of appeals including the ones which were filed by the Animal Welfare Board and Dog lovers against the High Courts’ decision. Now the Apex Court has fixed the petitions for final hearing on 12th day of July, this year. However, earlier it was seen that the Supreme Court had refused to stay culling of stray dogs, in connection with the PIL filed by Advocate Anupam Tripathi.

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