Supreme Court to test the Constitutionality on the issue of Women’s entry in Sabarimala Temple

New Delhi: The issue of women’s entry in the Sabarimala temple will be tested on the Constitutional parameters by the Apex Court of the country. However, for now the Supreme Court’s bench concerned, has refused to stay the order of the High Court which has allowed the Sabarimala temple to resist the entry of the Women.

Moreover, while considering the matter, honourable Supreme Court has wondered that women were really discriminated and not allowed to get entered in the temple in Hindu Dharma.

The Supreme Court’s bench headed by Justice Dipak Misra and also comprising of Justice NV Ramana and Justice PC Ghose also declare that the issue of women’s entry in the concerned temple will be decided on the basis of the Constitutional parameters.

This practice was challenged in the High Court of Kerala. And the said High Court has upheld this practice in the year 1990. However, this matter was again raised by the Young Lawyers Association, by preferring an appeal against the decision of the High Court. And now the said matter is pending before the Apex Court.

Constitution of India guarantees all the citizens right to practice any religion with the right to equality which also provided in favour of women. Thus, the Bench now has fixed that the matter will be considered and tested on the constitutional parameters.

However, it is notable that the Government which was ruling Kerala that time, was found in favour of removal of such practice, but the Government ruling in present found supporting the practice.

Also, the said bench of honourable Apex court has appointed Senior Advocate K Ramamurthy and Senior Advocate Raju Ramachandran as amicus curiae and they are as such appointed for helping the Court for deciding the controversial issue. Moreover, it has also required the Kerala Govt to submit information to back its position till 11th day of April, this year.

Women who are from the age group of 10 to 50 years are not allowed by the Sabarimala hills’ located Lord Ayyappa’s temple to enter the precincts of the same and the ground held for this is that the God was a ‘Brahmchari’ one.

Adv. Faim Khalilkhan Pathan