Supreme Court Turned Down PIL to Rename India as Bharat

indiaA Public Interest Litigation was moved before the Supreme Court to rename India as Bharat. But the Court declined to consider the petition that came before it and pointed out that a representation is to be made to the related authority in this behalf. The case came before the Chief Justice Bench consisting of Chief Justice H L Dattu and A K Sikri who directed the petitioner, Niranjan Bhatwal towards the officials coming under the subject. The Court also pointed out that the case can be brought before the Supreme Court only after approaching the Government representatives and some result is reached. If the authorities take initiative on the representation, the Supreme Court can interfere, but nor before that.

The Court asked the petitioner to withdraw the petition with liberty to file fresh suit where the Government did not favorably take a decision or rejected the representation. The hon’ble Apex Court also opined to the petitioner to formulate an application that point out the basis as well as the arguments which supports the petition to alter the name of the nation to Bharat. Thereafter, the application shall be presented before the related Government authorities. Without, response from the officials, the Supreme Court cannot engage the matter as that of other cases. The Court dismissed the petition as withdrawn after prescribing relevant modes to the petitioner. Therefore, the petitioner ought to approach the Court only after giving representation to the authorities with sufficient reason for such application as per the direction of the Supreme Court.

The Constitution of India under Article 1 states that India, that is Bharat, shall be Union of States. Hence already under the Indian Constitution, the term Bharat has been incorporated. India is therefore known as Bharat according to the framers of the Constitution.