Switzerland publishes two Indian women’s name who are in black money holders list

Switzerland has published the names of the two Indian women who are the foreign nationals who have bank accounts in Swiss Bank and their names have been stated by the Swiss government’s official gazette. When their names were published Swiss Federal Tax Administration has requested these two women, i.e. Sangita Sawhney and Sneh Lata Sawhney to appeal before Federal Administrative Court within 30 days if they do not want that the Swiss authorities share their names to the Indian authorities as per the mutual assistance treaty which is signed by both the nations for all tax related matters.

Only the date of birth details of Snehlata Sawhney and Sangita Sawhney were published and nothing more information is revealed. Along with these two Indians few other foreign nationals like Spanish, British, Russians names were stated but with regard to American and Israeli citizens their name have been withheld but only date of birth along with initials have been given. Swiss Federal Gazette has given 40 final notices in this month and there are more such names which will be published in some time.

In India there has been a great debate regarding the Indians for having huge wealth in Swiss banks since long time. From a long time Indian government is pushing Swiss authorities to provide all the detailed information with regard to all the suspected tax evaders since a long time but Swiss has provided few details even though India has given evidence to Swiss on the evasion of tax by Indian citizens. Many mails were sent as a query to FTA spokesperson regarding this but there was no reply on it yet. Notices were sent to these two Indian national women on 12 May 2015 and other notices were given on 19 May 2015 and 5 May 2015.  These two women can file an appeal before the Federal Administrative Court by giving reasons and evidence in support of them. In Sonntagszeitung weekly, a report was provided about the tax dodgers as the nations wanted to know them. The report further provides that the bank had no interest in communicating with the clients as they do not hold the accounts in the bank.

by Sushma Javare.