• The Recycling of Ships Act, 2019

    The Recycling of Ships Act 2019 was enacted on 13th December 2019 with 46 sections and ten chapters. Recycling is one of the most effective way used worldwide for several objects or elements that can’t be destroyed absolutely. Plastics and several metal parts will not perish by itself and such objects has the option for recycling. When the heavy vehicles, aircraft or ships became old for usage are subject to recycling where the reusable materials and components are recycled else these imperishable components would be hazardous. The main purpose of Recycling of ships act 2019 is to provide standard regulations through statutory mechanism to implement the standards to Recycling of ships in accordance with the provisions of the act. The Act is applicable to any existing ship registered in India and any new ship to be registered in India along with the exemption clause and any ship recycling area within the territorial jurisdiction of India.