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Taking caveat to Supreme Court, Kerala government is playing safe and smart

THIRUVANANTHAPURAM: Filing a caveat in Supreme Court the state government without listening to the bar hotel’s version need to leave the possibilities of bar hotel owners getting an interim stay on Kerala High Court order in bar hotels case.

Bar hotel owners association had later expressed that they would move a appeal against the request however they have not got the order of high court yet. From April 1 this order would make 300 bar hotels to lose their permit since they won’t be reestablished.

The fundamental aim of the legislature is to guarantee that their version of the matter ought to likewise be heard before the Supreme Court gives any interim order. On Saturday K Babu Excise Minister had affirmed about the filing of the caveat in the court. Prior Supreme Court had pronounced the judgment against the single bench decision with respect to the appeals that was filed by the legislature on bar licenses to three-hotels.

Hotel owners association had chosen not to seek beer or wine parlor licenses as this may debilitate their situation when they would argue in Supreme Court. After the court order excise department has affirmed that they had gotten just a couple of application for beer and wine parlor licenses. After UDF meeting any choice on alcohol licenses of clubs will be taken was expressed by K Babu. He likewise affirmed that the government will for definitely stand firm on the clubs. K Babu also said that the legislature knew the lack of beer in the state. Biju Ramesh bar Owners’ Association president had raised bribery charges against congress ministers and it included Excise Minister K Babu.

Court prior had exempted heritage classification hotels from the purview of closure and afterward court requested the legislature to grant permit to 20 odd crisp applications in four star grade. At that point numerous political parties likewise loose their stand and government somewhat moved back the approach and permitted close-down of 418 bars and they could work with new license as beer and wine parlors. IMFL had three dozen clubs and the legislature will need to take choice on all these clubs.

By Sushma Javare