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The Andhra Pradesh and Mysore (Transfer of Territory) Act, 1968 was enacted on August 22, 1968 and came into force on October 1, 1968 in order to provide the transfer of some territory to the State of Andhra Pradesh from the State of Mysore and other subjects related with such transfer. According to the provisions of the Act, from the date of commencement of the Act, State of Andhra Pradesh shall be included with some territories enumerated under the Schedule and such States shall remain no more a territory of State of Mysore. The territory so transferred shall be added with and shall be division of Hindupur taluk belonging to Anantapur district under the Andhra Pradesh State. The Act amends the Schedule I to the Constitution of India. In the place of the words ‘Andhra Pradesh’ the Act inserts the territories included under the Andhra State Act, 1953, Schedule I of Andhra Pradesh and Mysore (Transfer of Territory) Act, 1968 , provisions of States Reorganization Act, 1956 and the Schedule provided under the Andhra Pradesh and Mysore (Transfer of Territory) Act, 1968. But it excludes the Schedule II specified under the Andhra Pradesh and Madras (Alteration of Boundaries) Act, 1959.

From the initiation of the enactment, the territories that are transferred shall remain no more to be a part of parliamentary constituency of Madhugiri as well as assembly constituency of Bagepally in the Mysore State which is delimited under Order 11 of Delimitation Commission made under section 10 of the Delimitation Commission Act, 1962 and as a result there shall be a division of parliamentary constituency of Hindupur added with assembly constituency of Hindupur located in the Andhra Pradesh State which is delimited according to order 3 of the 1962 Act mentioned earlier. The already existing members of Lok Sabha which signifies the parliamentary constituency of the Hindupur situated in the State of Andhra Pradesh and the parliamentary constituency of Madhugiri belonging to the State of Mysore shall carry on to be members of Lok Sabha without considering the alteration in the constituencies according to the provisions of the Act. The previously existing members of the State Legislative Assembly of Mysore and Andhra Pradesh that symbolizes the assembly constituency of Hindupur and assembly constituency of Bagepally shall keep on to be members of the mentioned Assemblies.

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The reference made in the Act with respect to the Anantapur district in the Delimitation of Council Constituencies (Andhra Pradesh) Order, 1957 shall be interpreted to consist of the territories which are transferred from the Mysore State in the district of Anantapur. In addition, the orientation made in the legislation connected with Kolar district in the Delimitation of Council Constituencies (Mysore) Order, 1951shall be interpreted to exclude the territory which are transferred to the Andhra Pradesh State from the Kolar district. The existing member of the Andhra Pradesh and Mysore State Legislative Council that signify a constituency of a council, the extent that are modified according to the provisions of the Act shall be supposed to have been chosen by the constituency from the said Council from the date of commencement of the Act. The jurisdiction of the Andhra Pradesh High Court from the initiation of the enactment shall be applicable to the transferred territory as well and the Mysore High Court shall cease to have jurisdiction with respect to the territories so transferred. The Act provides that any fund to meet the expenditure of the State of Andhra Pradesh shall be taken out of the Consolidated Fund of that state with regard to the 1968-1969 financial years.

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Moreover, the Financial Corporations and the State Electricity Boards established under the State Financial Corporations Act, 1951 and the Electricity (Supply) Act, 1948 correspondingly shall be considered to be established for the transferred territories also. The Central Government is empowered under the Act to frame rules for the proper implementation of the provisions of the present enactment.