The Armed Forces (Emergency Duties) Act, 1947 was formulated to declare some of the emergency responsibilities that are to be assigned to the persons serving in the Armed Forces in India. In accordance with that, the Government of India shall affirm some of the prescribed service under the State to be of much significance to the society. The proviso to the section states that notification issued by the Government in this regard shall have validity for one month in the preliminary stage and shall be made applicable thereafter by subsequent notification. After a declaration has been formed and till that declaration remains valid, the persons coming under the purview of the Army Act and Air Force Act of 1950 shall be responsible to comply with orders of the senior official with respect to their service with regard to the conditions prescribed in the declaration and the orders so given shall be as per law as per the interpretation given to the present enactment. This provision is also applicable with the Navy Act of 1958.

The Act also establishes that the orders that are given to a person by the senior official with regard to the service or related with such work which is prescribed by the Central Government following September 30, 1946 and prior to the initiation of the enactment will be considered to be legal according to the expression given under the enactment. But a person should not be penalized on the basis of disobedience from his part of the orders of his superior.