The Bengal Suppression of Terrorist outrages (Supplementary) Act, 1932 was formed on December 23, 1932. The purpose of the enactment was to give additional provisions to the Bengal Suppression of Terrorist Outrages Act, 1932 which is referred as the local Act in the present legislation. The supplementary Act gives provision for appeal to the High Court. In view of that, an appeal shall be preferred by the aggrieved party to the High Court of Judicature in the State of Bengal from the orders issued by the Special Magistrate as per the proceedings conducted in the light of the local Act. The trial must have conducted in the Calcutta Presidency town.

An appeal shall also be given from the order of transportation which shall not be more than 2 years or imprisonment for more than 4 years which is issued by the Special Magistrate not in the Calcutta Presidency town. The appeal should be filed in 30 days from the date of order and the High Court shall comply with the Criminal Procedure Code, 1898 to dispose off the appeal.
Without giving effect to the Criminal Procedure Code, the appeal shall not be initiated from the local Act and the revision of such orders is barred. The proceedings adopted by the Special Magistrate cannot be called in question and the cases that are under the Special Magistrate Court cannot be transferred.