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The Bureau of Indian Standards Act, 2016

The Bureau of Indian Standards Act, 2016 (Act no. 11 of 2016), is an enactment of the Parliament of India which was passed in the 67th year of the republic of India with the aim and object to make provisions for the establishment of a National Standards body for the Harmonious development of the Activities of Standardisation, conformity assessment and quality assurance of goods, articles, processes, systems and services. The present enactment was given assent by the honourable President of India on 21st day of March, 2016. The provisions in this enactment were divided into five important chapters. It is notable that when the bill in connection with this law was introduced, it was stated that it is to replace the Bureau of Indian Standards Act of 1986.

The first chapter of this Act is containing the preliminary or introductory provisions in which the short title, extension and commencement of the present law is given. The Act is to be called with the aforementioned name and its provisions should be extended to entire Indian territories. Moreover, for the date of commencement, the section 1(3) is empowering the Central Government to publish a date in the notification in the official gazette. Similarly, the section 2 of the Act is offering number of definitions to the terms used in the various provisions of this Act.

Besides, this act is providing for the establishment of the Bureau of Indian Standards as a national body which is to formulate, implement and certify certain standards of quality for goods, service, articles and processes and system.

The third chapter in this Act is making provisions for the certification of articles, goods, service, etc. and also licenses thereto under this Act. and the Bureau is to establish such standards which is called Indian Standards. Moreover, the people got certified and licensed under this Act in connection with their services, goods, etc. are also having several responsibilities under this Act.

The Act also provides for penal provisions besides other important provisions. such penal provisions includes the penalty for the improper use of the Indian Standard mark, and it will extend to fine of Rs. 5 lakh. Also there are several offences and penalties in this Act. And the court in the rank of Metropolitan Magistrate or a Judicial Magistrate of the First Class is to be specially empowered to try the offence under this Act. Moreover, for appeal against the decision of grant of license or certificates of conformity or compounding of offences under this Act can be tabled before the Director General of the Bureau. And later appeal before the Central Government is provided.

Download and Read the Bare Act: The Bureau of Indian Standards Act, 2016 – pdf

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