The Cantonments (Extension of Rent Control Laws) Act, 1957

This piece of legislation is being Central Government Act was provided with the short title as ‘the Cantonments (Extension of Rent Control Laws) Act, 1957’ (Act no. 46 of 1957). This Act was enacted by the Parliament of India with the view to provide for the Cantonments, the extension of the Laws relating to the controlling of the rent and regulation the House accommodations. The present Act was enacted by the Parliament of India in the 8th year of the republic of India and the same was assented by the President of India on 18th day of December, 1957. The provisions of the Act were divided into only four sections, where in the first section is providing for the Short titling of the Act as afore discussed.

In so far as the interpretation clause of the Act is concerned, the section 2 thereof defines only one term i.e. ‘Cantonment’ which here means the place which is declared as such within the provisions of the section 3 of the Cantonments Act, 1924 (Act no. 2 of 1924).

The section 3 of the present Act is very important and significant one, as it is closely connected with the object and purpose of the Act. It is provided under the same, that the Central Government is empowered under this Act to provide for extension of the enactment relating to the control of rent and regulation of the house accommodation to any cantonment. Such extension is to be made by it, from the said laws which were earlier applicable and having in force in the State where such cantonment is situated. There can also be provided certain limitations and modifications in relation to such extension. And for making such extension, the Central Government should publish the particulars in the Official Gazettes through a notification. However, the premises belonging to the Government within that Cantonment, Government grated tenancy, etc. in respect to the premises within such cantonment, Government appropriated house within that cantonment on lease within the provisions of the Cantonments (House Accommodation) Act, 1923 (Act no. 6 of 1923).

In the last provision of the Act, the provisions of the Madhya Bharat Accommodation Control Act, 1955 (Madhya Bharat Act no. 23 of 1955) which was having force and effect in the State of Madhya Pradesh- MP which earlier was forming the State of Madhya Bharat, sought to be extended and to have applicability in the Cantonment of Mhow. However, certain modifications are also provided in respect such, extension of that Act of 1955, including replacement of the words ‘commencement of this Act’ with the words ‘extension of this Act to the cantonment’ and in the extension clause of that Act of 1955, the extension to the Cantonment of Mhow is inserted and also for sub sections (3) and (4) of the section 1 of that Act of 1955, the new provisions were substituted where, that Act was sought to remain in force up to the 31st day of December, 1957 with the condition that the Central Government will be having authority to provide from time to time as to such enforcement for further necessary periods till 2 years from that 31st December, 1957. Further modification was sought, as to insertion of the words ‘Cantonment Board’ in place of original word ‘Municipality’ in the Sections 2 and 3 and their respective clauses of that Act of 1955. Also for ‘city or town concerned, the term ‘cantonment’ was substituted by this Act in that Act’s section 4. Besides this all mentioned modifications or to say amendments were sought to be made in that Act of 1955 for the purpose extending those provisions to the aforesaid ‘Mhow’ cantonment.

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