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The Indian Institutes of Information Technology (Public-Private Partnership) Act, 2017

The impact of information technology in a modern progressive society is indispensable. Citizens of a country are always attached to various types of information through different technologies in every walk of their life. The information technology institutions of a country are always considered as an elate higher level of education institutions. There are several institutions of information technology conducted through public and private partnership. The Indian institutes of Information technology (public and private partnership) Act 2017 is an enactment came into force on 9th August 2017 through extra ordinary Gazette notification.

The main purpose of the act is to elevate the status of certain institutions of information technology comes under private and public partnership to national importance. Another purpose of the act is to maintain global or international standards of manpower in the information technology industry. The Act has 6 chapters 48 sections and schedule of the 15 institutions and the 66thstates it situates subject to the provisions of the Act Through this enactment the IIITS’ registered under the Societies Registration Act 1860 came under the purview of the Act with retrospective effect and functions in accordance with the provisions of the Act of 2017.

Chapter one section 2 declares all the existing and institutions in the schedule of national importance and chapter 2 section states every existing and mentioned institution in the schedule as body corporate. The declaration of National importance provide the IIITS’ to grant nomenclature of Bachelor Degree, Master’s Degree and PhD in the exact status of such degrees from a University of National importance which is an attractive feature for students and there by creating a contribution, worthy promising research scholar in the field of Information technology.

Chapter 3 deals with the Authorities of IIITS’ under the Act were President of India is a visitor of every institute.
The authority body includes visitor, board of Governors, senate and finance committee. Chapter 4 deals with the Accounts and Audit of every institution and the annual report of the audit and accounts are published in the official website of the institutes. According to section 33 in chapter 4 of the Act empowers the institute subject to the provisions of the act, ordinances and amendments can admit, enroll students for the courses, research and training programs and also can conduct examinations.

Sec 35 of the act confers Tribunal Arbitration power to settle any disputes occur between the board, students and employees. Chapter 5 deals with the co ordination Forum and Chapter 6 deals miscellaneous provisions. The main objective of Co ordination Forum is to bring in and share innovative thoughts and ideas for the further enhancement of courses offered and there by promoting creative bunch of skilled scholars for the extreme benefit in the field of information technology. Chapter 6 enumerates Central Government’s power to make rules, regulations, ordinances, statutes and power to remove difficulties.

Through the enactment the skilled manpower from IIITS’ are certainly a promise to the growth of economy and in the field of information technology in India.

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