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The Indian Red Cross Society Act, 1920

The Indian Red Cross Society Act, 1920 was enacted on 27th October, 1936. Act is also known as Indian Red Cross Society (Allocation of Property) Act, 1936. Act basically deals with Indian Red Cross Society fund out of its property which is to be administered in Burma by Burma Red Cross Society and to terminate in Burma the existing functions of Indian Red Cross Society. Thus, act extends to whole India except territories comprised immediately before 1st November, 1956 in part B states.

Entity is appointed for property of Indian Red Cross Society. An amount (which is referred as fund in is act) equal to seven percent of corpus of property vested by said act with Indian Red Cross Society will be administered in province of Burma as a trust, such body of trustees as High Court of judicature at Rangoon may appoint in accordance with and for such purpose of act contained in scheme settled by said High Court. Once High Court of judicature of Rangoon settled a scheme and made an order vesting fund in body of trustees and managing body of trustees of Indian Red Cross Society shall transfer fund to said body of trustees and thereupon Burma Provincial committee of Indian Red Cross known as Indian Red cross society and Burma branch is to be dissolved and all property of or belonging or all such things is transferred to trustees in scheme prescribe by High Court. Once order of vesting is given to Indian Red Cross Society and rules made therein relation with Branch committee in states their constitution, powers or functions their representative on managing body and there right to receive a proportion of income of property conferred on society shall cease to have effect in respect of province of Burma and of Indian Red Cross Society, Burma Branch Committee.

by Samata. H. Joshi