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The Indian Veterinary Council Act, 1984

The Act is known as “Indian Veterinary Council Act, 1984”. Act was enacted on 18th August 1984. Act extends to states of Haryana, Bihar, Orissa, Himachal Pradesh, and Rajasthan and will extend to all such boundaries or state who adapts the act by passing resolution as per Article 252(1) of Constitution of India. Basic purpose of Act is to make rules in connection of Veterinary practice and form Veterinary council and ask to keep record of person who has degree to perform Veterinary practice in whole India. For the purpose of this act, “veterinary institution means, any such University or any institution inside or out of India who grant degrees, diploma, or License in Veterinary science and animal husbandry”, “veterinary medicine means, modern scientific veterinary medicine and includes veterinary surgery and obstetrics”.

Central Government will constitute a council with name “Veterinary council” with its common seal. Such will have separate identity and can hold property both movable and immovable and can sue and be sued in its own name. Council will have members such as, members from Central Government among them one will be Director of Animal Husbandry of that particular state, four members from central government among which one will be head of veterinary institution of such state, commissioner of animal husbandry who will be ex-officio of India, eleven members among which one will be registered in veterinary practitioners register etc., and to elect all this members election is conducted by government by way of nomination and if there is any dispute in election then it has to be referred to central government and such decision made by central government will be conclusive.

Institutes which provide veterinary qualification should be recognized as per first schedule and if any institution who not recognize then with consulting to central government will notify for recognition in gazette  and once it accepted then such institution will be recognized one. All institution that provide veterinary qualification has to provide all information in relation to veterinary qualification to council so they can provide information related to veterinary study and examination that are conducted by institution. Committee appoints a inspector who inspects veterinary institution or such universities and also attend examine that are held by veterinary institution after such inspection he recommends to central government for recognition of veterinary qualification which is granted by such veterinary institute, this inspector will not look after training or portion related to institution as for part there is visitor who looks after training, building of institution, all equipment used for education and all other facilities which are necessary for granting veterinary qualification and this visitor will not interfere in examination taken, as it is  inspected by inspector. Thus, visitor then make report of his visit and give one copy to institution and other to government.

If visitor in report mentioned that either of things like buildings or equipment anything such is not in proper order then central government may ask to withdraw recognition of such college. Council does draft some standard provision which are related to veterinary education and such drafted copies will be send to all institution providing veterinary qualification and in further they will have to follow all such standard provision which are lead down by council.

Once receipt is received upon report then person taking degree of veterinary qualification from recognized veterinary institution, such person is registered with state veterinary register on application made by such person, his name is entered in veterinary practitioners register and after application when such applicant pay money not exceeding rupees fifty such person as part of fees he is being issued with certificate of registration. In such manner if, person name is removed from register then state will advice council to remove such members name for Indian Veterinary council. When persons name is removed from register and due to any reason fails to resubmitted registration certificate and do not apply for renewing it or in both case such person is punished with fine up to five hundred rupees and if offence is continued then fine for ten rupees for each day of continuing the offence.

Council will decide proper code of professional conduct to every person who in future practice of veterinary and is considered that they follow the conduct in proper manner. Any act done by council or government both central and state in public good or in good conscience then no suit or any legal proceeding would lie against such act done.

by Samata. H. Joshi.