The Mizoram University Act, 2000

The Mizoram University Act, 2000 was legislated by the Parliament of India for the establishment of Mizoram University in Aizawl which came into existence on July 2, 2001. The University is not new to the state of Mizoram due to the fact that the University had been running in the North Eastern Hills University since 1978. Mizoram University was the result of Mizoram Accord which was signed between the Mizoram National Front and Government of India. Mizoram National Front is a political party of Mizoram formed due to the inaction of the Government towards the famine situation in state of Mizoram in 1959. However in 2001, the Mizoram University was formed through the Mizoram University Act, 2000 to provide the teaching facility in the state of Mizoram which would in turn help to improve the literacy rate of the state and eventually the economic conditions of the state.

The Mizoram University Act, 2000 consists of 48 sections. As per clause 2 of section 3, the headquarters of the University should be in Aizawl. Section 5 enlists certain powers of the University. The university would be empowered to grant diplomas and certificates or to confer degrees or other academic distinctions based upon the evaluation procedure followed by the University. However, if the University deem fit for any genuine cause, it might withdraw such diplomas and others from such person. The university also provides distant learning to interested students. The university with the approval of the Central Government might open such learning and research centers and laboratories which are necessary in furtherance of the object. Workshops and seminars would also be conducted for the teaching staff so as to make them more efficient.

Mizoram University was earlier effective in the North Eastern Hills University. Therefore, section 6 specifically provides that the properties of the North Eastern Hills University within the state of Mizoram would be transferred to the Mizoram University which would be applied in the objects of the university. Further all the colleges, schools, institutions and departments which are affiliated or maintained by the North Eastern Hills University would, after the commencement of the Mizoram University, be shifted to it and North Eastern Hills University would cease to exist in the state of Mizoram. The jurisdiction of the University would be to the whole of Mizoram.

The President of India, as per the Act, is considered to be the visitor of the University and the Governor of the state of Mizoram is considered to be the Chief Rector of the University. The latter part was inserted by the Mizoram University (Amendment) Act, 2007 as Section 9 A of the Act.

The University would be open for everyone and the University would follow the same rules regarding reservations as other college follow in regards to scheduled castes and scheduled tribes.

A statute would be formed along with the Act of 2000. Section 26 provides enlists the power of the statues, that is, the subject matter with which statute would make provisions. The statute would deal with constitution and powers of the authorities and other bodies of the University. The appointment of teachers, academic staff, officers of the university and also of those teachers and staff who are required to be appointed for any joint project for a specified period. Conditions of the services of the employees including provisions of pension, insurance or provident fund, along with the manner of termination are also discussed. Section 27 discusses about how the statues are to be made wherein the first clause provides that the first statute would be the one set out in the schedule. The Executive Council would made further statues or might repeal or amend the existing ones which should be prior approved by the Visitor. The new statute would be valid only after the assent of the Visitor. The Act also deals with the power to make ordinances, regulations, annual reports, and annual accounts. Section 46 provides that the statutes, ordinance and regulation would be published in the Official Gazette.

Therefore, the Act is made primarily for the purpose of instituting a university in the state of Mizoram which would help the native students to increase literacy among them.

 by Neha Dayal.