The Nagaland University Act, 1989

The Nagaland University Act, 1989 came into force on 20th October 1989 by notification in the Official Gazette. As there was no specified Act relating to the University, irregularities has felt many times as people of Nagaland not been satisfied with the higher education needs. Prior to Nagaland University Act, 1989 North-Eastern Hill University Act, 1973 established but the Act, 1973 was helpful  only to the people of north eastern region, State was in need of Central University thereby people belongs to the state gets better standard of education as it paves for the development of the State.State authorities took decision to uplift the education system of State and laid foundation in September 1987 to establish a Central University in the State to meet the needs of people of State, then Nagaland University Act, 1989 laid for the establishment and incorporate a teaching and affiliating University in State of Nagaland and deals with matters connected to University. University in addition to its objectives and establishment offers various courses under under-graduate and post-graduate programmes in Humanities and Sciences, University focus its main attention on subjects which relates to the development of the State.

The Act comprised of 48 Sections in brief and explanation provided therto, Act defines University under Section 2 and it means the University called Nagaland University established under Act , the headquarters of university situated at Lumani and it also establish campuses  with its jurisdiction as deem fit. The main Object of University is to provide and advance knowledge to people by providing research and instructional facilities in learning process and to educate them for the development of State of Nagaland thereby where  social, economic  conditions, welfare and academic of the people of State changes . On commencement of the Act all properties of North-Eastern Hill University in the Nagaland State be transferred and vest in the University which is established under the Act as specified in Section 5.

Powers of University been very wide as it deal under Section 6 of the Act, University has powers to appoint persons conduct courses and it has the power to do all things and acts which relates to the attainment of its objectives. Jurisdiction of University extends to the whole of the State of Nagaland and its main objective not only to extends to the whole of State but its ceases the jurisdiction of North-Eastern Hill University in the State of Nagaland. University has its another individualistic character as its open to all persons not been differentiated by classes, castes and creed  as provided under Section 8 of the Act.

University by its various Sections under the Act appoints various persons to look over the University which provides for the development of the State. Visitor under Section 9 of the Act has a special recognition as it appointed President of India as visitor of the University and he has the right to inspect and inquiry in respect of matters related to university and its management responsibility to appoint a representative who has the right to be present and heard at inquiry. Section 20 of the Act defines Court and it differs from general term, Court under Act established by the statutes has power to review the policies and programmes which prescribed for the development of the University prescribed under the Act it also has the power advise the visitor in terms of any difficulties in attainment of objectives provided by University.

Nagaland University Act, 1989 laid for the establishment of the University, subject to the provisions of this Act, it also has additional power to make Statutes and Ordinance under Sections 27 and 29 of Act. As provided under Section 36 of the Act, Every employee or student of University have right to appeal within item prescribed under Statute to the Executive Council against the decision of any officer or authority of University and Executive Council has power to make decision as Act provides the friendly atmosphere to the employee and students of university by providing them right to appeal against any irregularities committed by universities

Overall review of Act has a positive effect, as it enacted for the upliftment of education as its main criteria it surrounded by many impacts such as socio, economic and academic development of the State. Prior to the Nagaland University Act, 1989, North-Eastern Hill University which has Jurisdiction over the state lacks prioritization and dissatisfies the needs of education to the people of State. Act, 1989 not only establishes the University but it provides the friendly atmosphere through the provisions of the Act. By implementation of the Act not only the State development progress increases but people’s standard of living increases due to opportunities, as employment opportunities and State development has dual impact on people. People of the State was very thankful to the Government by implementing better which in turn improves their standard.

by Priyadarshini Chandrasekar