The National Institute of Pharmaceutical Education and Research Act, 1998

The National Institute of Pharmaceutical Education and Research Act, 1998 received the president assent and passed on 26th June 1998. An idea of enacting Act was a thought of Government of India to provide the facilities, skills and services to the pharmaceutical sciences An Act enacted for the constitution of the Institution known as the Pharmaceutical Education and Research and to deal with the matters connected therewith.

Act consists of 37 Sections in brief relating to the matter of  National Institute of Pharmaceutical Education and Research . Declaration made under Section 2 of the Act making the Pharmaceutical Education and Research consider as of national importance. Central Government by issuing a notification established the Institute under Section 4 of Act and it called as the National Institute of Pharmaceutical Education and Research. Institute constituted has a perpetual succession and a common seal to acquire hold, and dispose any property and contract and has a authority to sue and to be sued. Institute consists of Board of Directors to discharge the function specified under the Act, Board of Directors consists of Chairperson, directors and other members. All the terms of office and appointment of members’ vests with the Central Government, as Chairperson and Governors other than ex-officio members hold the office not exceeding the three years and all members would be entitled to salary and allowances as specified. Board shall meet its members at least three times in a year to deal with the transaction of business as specified.

On Commencement of the Act all properties vests with the society be transferred to the National Institute of Pharmaceutical Education and Research. Effect of incorporation of Institute been very vast as specified as laid in Section 6, on appointed day of Act all the rights, liabilities of the Society and matters in regard to the contract transferred to the Institute. There shall be certain functions has to be performed by the Institute under Section 7 for the development of Institute and it deals with matter  of holding examinations and grant degrees to the Persons, to conduct courses and  seminars to students and teachers relating to the Pharmaceutical Education and Research.

Apart from Functions, Board has certain powers under Section 8 of the Act, Board has responsible for the superintendence, direction, control of all the matters relating to the Institution and Board responsible to properly exercise its powers and fulfill the duties as specified in the Act. Board will perform powers to take decisions regarding the policies and implementation of programmes for improvement of Institution. Board has the power to appoint any other committees to perform the functions laid under Act and Board does not have the authority to dispose property without the proper approval of the Central Government.

Institute and mode of education in the National Institute of Pharmaceutical Education and Research  open to all categories apart from any caste, creed or sex and all teaching and the course relating to teaching of Institution should be conducted only in the name of the Institution as specified in Section 10. There shall be visitor appointed under Section 11 of Act to look after the progress of Institute, President called as visitor has authority to appoint one or more persons to look for the progress and to hold the inquires of implementation of programmes and policies in the Institution. Institute has certain authorities constituted under Act, they called as Senate and other such authorities which declared by the Statutes. The Senate of Institute consists of Director as Chairperson, the Dean, and many other members, Senate of the Institution have the authority and responsible for the maintenance of the Institution.

The Chairperson constituted under Senate preside at the meetings of the Board and to implement the decisions which taken by the Board. Apart from Chairperson there shall be director appointed under Section 16 to exercise power and to submit all annual reports and auditing. And there been a Dean and Registrar appointed to perform the duties and functions assigned to and has the common seal and custodian of records which laid for the proper functioning of the Institute.

Central Government for the proper functioning of the Institute and to implement of many programmes grant sums under Section 20 and there shall be Fund maintained in the Institute to credit it in the name of  Institute  all sums and grants gained from the Central Government or any other authority. There shall be a Tribunal constituted under Section 30 which known as the Tribunal of Arbitration, any dispute arising out of Contract between Institution and employees, the Tribunal shall decide mater and order relating to the same and the order of tribunal be final and it should not be questioned by Court. Central Government has power to remove difficulties under provision of Act which invalidate the proceedings laid under Act.

As there been a need for the Institute which provide leadership in pharmaceutical sciences and other coincidental areas and to give admission to students to provide them the better education in relation to the pharmaceutical sciences. National Institute of Pharmaceutical Education and Research Act, 1998 acts a beneficial one by appointing the Institution and members for the proper development of Institution. Act by establishing National Institute of Pharmaceutical Education and Research has increased the value of education by providing higher education, research and development in pharmaceutical sciences

 by Priyadarshini Chandrasekar