The National Oil Seeds and Vegetable Oils Development Board Act, 1983

The National Oil Seeds and Vegetable Oils Development Board Act received the president assent and passed on 8th September, 1983. An Act laid  for the development to control the Oil Seeds industry and Vegetable Oils industry and for the matters connected thereto. The National Oilseeds and Vegetable Oils Development Board been a statutory body constituted on 8th March, 1984 under the Act, 1983 and to deal with the matters connected to Oil Seeds industry and Vegetable Oils industry and its development.

Act consists of 21 Sections to deal with the matters connected to the establishment of the National Oil Seeds and Vegetable Oils Development Board and its obligations. There shall be a Board established under Section 4 of Act and it called as the National Oil Seeds and Vegetable Oils Development Board. Body been a body corporate has perpetual succession and common seal to acquire, hold and dispose property whether movable and immovable. Board has its head office at Delhi or in any other as Central Government deem fit, Board to fulfill the objectives laid under Act appoints certain members they are Minister in charge, Secretary, Agriculture Commissioner and many other members under the Board. Members of the Board receive allowances for being the member as laid in Section 5 and allowances of members be fixed by the Central Government. Central Government appoint person as Executive Director who possess the technical qualifications and practical experience in the oilseeds development. Executive Director acts as the chief executive of Board and performs other functions as prescribed by the Act. The Executive Director, the Secretary and other officers of the Board should not entitled to undertake any work related to the Board and Act except with the permission of the Central Government.

There shall be a Managing Committee appointed under the Board for the purpose of exercising functions laid under the Act, Managing Committee consists of Vice-Chairman, Agriculture Commissioner of Government of India, Director-General and other members, all the members co-opted as Committee members and has the right to receive allowances and other fees for attending the meeting of the Committee as specified in the Central Government. Board has the wide functions as specified under Section 9 of the Act and Board bound by the duty to promote and implement any measures for the development of the oil seeds and vegetable industry under the control of Central Government. While providing functions, Board has power take measures to implement certain programmes for the development of oil seeds and vegetable industry.

Under Section 10 of the Act, Central Government has the authority to direct the Board to dissolve from certain date and time as specified in the Act and Government should give reasonable opportunity to the Board regarding the dissolution. There shall be oil seeds and vegetable development Fund initiated under Section 12 of the Act, all the money and grants issued by the Central Government and other authorities to the Fund for the proper performing the functions laid under Act by the Board. Board should maintain proper Accounts, and records by such form as laid by the Central Government in consultation of comptroller and Auditor-General of India, and Board should furnish all the matter relating to the accounts and auditing to the Central Government as deem fit.

No suit or legal proceedings could be initiated against the Central Government, Board and members of the Board as Act laid for the development. Central Government by notification in has power to make rules under Section 18 to carry out the provisions laid in the Act, Rules includes Rules to make modifications or to include the term  and technical qualifications of officers of the Board, remuneration paid to the employees of the Board. Under Section 19, Board constitute under Act with the prior approval of the Central Government by notification in the Official Gazette has power to make regulations which is not inconsistent with the provisions of Act. Board has power to make regulations for the matters connecting with the appointment, salaries and other benefits of members of Board. Every rule and regulation made under the provisions of Act has to be laid before each House of Parliament under Section 20. Central Government under Section 21 of the Act has power to remove difficulties which may arise with the provisions of Act and no order relating to the power to remove difficulties made after the expiry of two years from the commencement of Act, copy of every order relating to the same shall be laid before each House of Parliament.

The Board constituted under Act instituted under the administrative control of Ministry of Agriculture and   implemented various programmes for the development of  field related to Oil Seeds and Vegetable Oils in the entire country and for its future  potential. One of the main element of development process of Board was the implementation of new programme for the development Tea Borne Oil seeds in the entire Country which has its commercial value. Act and Board created a major impact on India’s economy by creating a remarkable growth in Oil Seeds and Vegetable Oils.

by Priyadarshini Chandrasekar