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The National Sports University Act, 2018

Various Sports were one of the favorite entertainments of people from time immemorial. The history of mankind always had given importance to sports and games. All over the world there are different sports competitions conducted between the countries and winning the title is undoubtedly prestigious to participating countries. India has several sports activities and competitions with regional variations and national competitions are also conducted between states. Even after Indian Government providing ample opportunities for development of sports, certain states or areas of the country still face neglect on getting adequate opportunities on the sports development skills. The National sports University Act of 2018 came in to force on 17th August 2018 with the objective of providing physical education and sports science establishing its center in Manipur. The act is detailed in 44 sections and one schedule stating academic training and coaching with excellence of every aspects relating to sports and games.

Section 4 of the act clearly states one of the main objective of the establishment of Sports University is to carve athletes of international standards imparting advance sports technology and training with high performance skills by finding interested and promising candidates from schools, colleges, sports clubs and also to provide such sport persons all possible academic and physical training. Section 5 (1) with 39 clauses of the Act confers ample authority to university to function on various aspects right from to design the university courses, inducting students in national and international tournaments, institution of colleges, institution centers , appointment of faculties including foreign faculties, regulations of discipline among students, receiving donations and gifts and also in utilizing University’s moveable and immovable property with approval from central Government for any purpose of University and any activity incidental or related to the achievement of the any of the objectives in the act.

The academic and activity council, board and its activities are always subject to the provisions of the act. Section 25 states that the statuettes are made in accordance with the schedule in the act and ordinance power making is provided in section 26.

All the activities of the university if furnished before the Central Government from time to time as and when such information required by the Central Government as per section 31. Services of the employees are based on written contract but they are always subjected to the legal and constitutional remedies according to article 32 and 226. Right to appeal by students and employees to the executive council is conferred in section 34.

Section 39 is the protection clause provided for the employees or officers against legal proceedings on any act done on good faith. Section 40 deals with the maintenance of university records consistent with Indian Evidence act 1872 or any other existing law in force and section 41 deals with the power to remove the provisions inconsistent to the act.
The Act is definitely a landmark in the arena of sports and games in India where unknown sports persons and those interested in sports can avail the opportunity to develop their skills and enable them to be exceptional sports persons with excellence in National and International standards.

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