The Punjab Disturbed Areas Act, 1983

The Punjab Disturbed Areas Act has been incorporated on 8th December, 1983. This Act has been established for better enactment in pursuance to control the disorder and for the rejuvenation of public order in disturbed and affected areas in Punjab.

The disparaging activities of the terrorists, extremists and secessionist elements in the State of Punjab and the Union Territory of Chandigarh have been the serious concern. These illegal activists perform all sorts of illegal, terrorist activities and violating the legal norms of the State. These illegal activities were affecting the day today activities of the people of Punjab and Union Territory of Chandigarh. Inorder to rejuvenate the legal structure and put an end to all such terrorist illegal activities, this Act has been framed.

The State Government has the power to notify in the Official Gazette in pursuance to declare the whole or any of the areas in that State as a “Disturbed Area” inorder to concentrate on such areas to provide severe provisions to control such disturbed areas to normal areas where people can lead their normal life without any fear.

The higher Officials such as Magistrate or any other Police Officials not less than the rank of Sub-Inspector or Havildar shall use their guns or weapons if they find necessary. They shall use only after giving a warning call to such illegal activists and can even cause such person to reach his death. In case if one or more person with weapons roaming together, even at that time they can use their funs to bring everything in Order, so that there won’t remain any such frustrating situation to the public. Often gun shots, explosives and such other weapons were used by the terrorist illegal activists in such disturbed areas. Inorder to maintain control over such unwanted mess in such disturbed areas, the Higher Officials are permitted to shot at sight as prescribed in this Act.

The Higher Official such as Magistrate or any other Police Officials who are not less than a Sub-Inspector shall if necessary shall demolish such dump, annihilate such fortified positions or shelters that has been used by such illegal activists or where they hide their arms and weapons including explosives and missiles.

There shall not be any legal proceedings or prosecution taken against the State Government in any action done in pursuance to the benefit of this Act in good faith. The State Government has enormous powers to make any Order in pursuance to control the disorders and illegal terrorist’s activities in the disturbed areas.

The Repealing clause speaks as that The Punjab Disturbed Areas Ordinance, 1983 is hereby repealed. If any action has done under this repealed Ordinance shall be considered as if it is done in pursuance to this Act.

This Act has been an initiative to protect the State of Punjab and Union Territory of Chandigarh from terrorists, extremist and such other illegal activists. Though this Act has been enacted, still there were several incidents that really affect the normal life of the people of the State. The Central Government with great efforts forming several such enactments ans Acts inorder to control and suppress such disorders in the State and maintain peace in the State. Some Acts were really effectively implemented and such other Acts were left mere theoretical. Though Several enactments or Laws implemented, Terrorists and such illegal activities are roaming without any disturbance not only in such disturbed areas but now a day’s almost every were in India. They openly accept that the damages done by them through online. They have their own training Centre and organization wherein they train all light minded people including children into a hard hearted blood warms. Now not only the State of Punjab and Union Territory of Chandigarh has been declared as disturbed area, the Central Government must declare whole India under the purview of disturbed areas. As the terrorism not only happens in the State of Punjab but from Jammu to Kanyakumari their links and powers is flourished with the support of some big shots.

by C.Srivenkatesh Prabhu.