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The Punjab Laws Act, 1872

The Punjab Laws Act has been incorporated on 28th March, 1872. This is an Act established to enact certain rules, laws and regulations that have a effective force of law in the State of Punjab. This Act not only frame new laws or regulations it helps in consolidation, amendments and repeal of certain laws or regulations that are necessary in pursuance to this Act.

In case of Repeal provisions, the enactments represented by the Second Repealing and Amending Act, 1914 stands repealed. Not only that several other provisions of this Act shall stud repealed. The Descent of Jaghirs was repealed by the Punjab Jaghirs Act, 1941. In such a way Pre-Emption stud repealed by the Punjab Pre-Emption Act, 1905. The Copies of Decrees affecting land to be forwarded to Deputy Commissioner shall stud repealed by the Punjab Land Revenue Act, 1887. The Provisions with regard to Insolvency stand repealed by the Provisional Insolvency Act, 1907. The Provisions with regard to Saving of Previous Insolvency Proceedings shall stand repealed by the Amending Act, 1891. The provisions with regard to Minors and the Court of Wards stand repealed by the Punjab Court of Wards Act, 1903. The Validation Clause is repealed by the Amending Act, 1891.

The rules with regard to decision with regard to succession, marriage, divorce, adoption and in such religious institutions, etc, if such customs not contrary to justice, equity and good conscience and made by any other law, altered, abolished shall be held to be void by any Competent authority. In case if the Parties are mohammadan under muhammadan Law and hindu under hindu law, unless such laws in force have been altered or abolish or in contravention to this Act, etc, they are also said to be void by any competent authority while making decision in such matter related to this provisions.

If any case that are not specially provided, shall be decided by the Judges according to Justice, equity and good conscience. In case if the Local customs or mercantile usage of customs, unless contrary to Justice, equity and good conscience shall be held to be valid. In case of any punishments for any Offences in the State of Punjab except certain exemption for Offences committed before January 1862, in territory that is a saving of privileges conferred to the Chiefs, Indian Penal Code shall be applicable.

The State Government shall incorporate a system of Village watchman or Municipal watchman in any part of the territories under its administration. It deals with the appointment, dismissal, suspension and resignation of such Watchman. This Watchman, the Police Officer shall perform all the necessary activities that are conferred under this Act under the assistance of State Government.

Inorder to perform or discharge his duties as a Police Officer by the Village watchman and Headman, Every person has an obligation to assist him in every aspect of his duties in pursuance to this Act. In case if any person acts against his duties, he shall be punished with imprisonment and he shall be arrested without warrant by such village watchman in behalf of the State Government. The State Government inorder to pay for the service rendered by the municipal or village watchman as a police officer shall discharge from the taxation that is levied is such town or villages. The Deputy Commissioner shall provide public notice for the tax that is to be levied in such town and village when ever required. In case of anybody having objection on such notice shall with in fifteen days file an application before the Deputy Commissioner and at the expiry of such fifteen days the report shall be submitted before the State Government to seek approval and the rate of tax to be levied. The State Government shall make any number of rules inroder to collect the Tax and also delegate certain powers to the Police Officers.

There are trackers who assist the watchman in case of any offence committed or about to commit such offence by making a call to the watchman and the watchman or headman in such village. In case if anybody not assisting the watchman in finding the offender, such person or such other person even with animals or any property, who acts in violation of the provisions under this Act, etc, shall be penalized.

by C.Srivenkatesh Prabhu.