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The Rajiv Gandhi Institute of Petroleum Technology Act, 2007

The Rajiv Gandhi Institute of Petroleum Technology Act (RGIPT Act) has been incorporated on 20th December, 2007. This has been established to pronounce this Rajiv Gandhi Institute of Petroleum Technology as an institution of National Importance and to endow with its incorporation and such other matters related there with.

The RGIPT has been incorporated on such date as prescribed by this Act having Common Seal, Perpetual Succession as a Corporate Body as prescribed under this Act. This RGIPT being a corporate body subject to the provisions under this Act shall purchase, hold or dispose any property or to contract with any person, can and be sued under its own name.

The Central Government with the notification in the Official Gazette shall appoint any number of Person or to constitute a Board in pursuance to fulfill the objectives of this Act, naming Board of Governors. This Board consists of a President, wherein first appointed President shall hold his Office only for six months as it deems fit at the initiation of this Act. He is followed by a Director (Ex-Officio), two persons from the Board of promoting Companies contributing for endowment fund nominated by the Central Government, Professors and experts from related fields shall be appointed and a representative for graduates from the Alumni nominated by  the Executive Committee of the Alumni Association. Not only these powerful people appointed but also The Registrar appointed shall act as a Secretary of the Board. This Board shall meet in general for four times in a calendar year.

The President and other members of this Board, except the Ex-Officio Director shall hold their Office for three years. All other members who are appointed for casual vacancies shall hold Office until the Central Government directs or Orders them to cease Office. The Salaries and other benefits if any provided shall be paid by the RGIPT institute as prescribed under this Statute and no other members other than the above mentioned Officials in this Board shall be entitled to any salary o benefits. All the properties that are grasped with the Society shall now from the date of incorporation of this Act remain or vested with the RGIPT institute.

The incorporation or establishment of this Act shall effect with lots of changes, such as all the rights and liabilities of the Society shall now be transferred to the institute, wherever there is a reference to Society in any contract shall now be changed into institute. All employees shall hold the Office for the same tenure as they were working in the Society with same salaries and benefits unless and until there arise any changes made in any department of the employees under any provisions of this Act.

This Institute has been enacted with an objective to promote quality education and research in the area of petroleum and such other subjects or fields that are specified under this Act. It provides several Bachelor’s, Master’s, Diploma’s and Doctoral Degrees in Engineering and Technology, Science, and such other areas in Petroleum and other related subjects as specified under this Act and also grants Certificates, Prizes and such other complimentary objects for the students and performers in such fields with excellence.

This institute regulates the functions by sanctioning the procedures in which the institute has to be and make continuous evaluations on all areas that they deems fit and necessary. This institute can make any rules and regulations to promote and for efficient management of this Institute subject to the approvals from the Board of Governors as specified under this Act. The Board acts as a supervisory authority for the effective functioning of the institute and shall perform such other functions as prescribed under this Act. This Institute shall facilitate all courses beyond race, creed and classes. The president shall have a visit to this institute every now and then and shall provide assistance to this institute if it deems necessary on demand.

The Central Government by a notification in the Official Gazette shall constitute a General Counsel inorder to investigate the activities of the Board of Governors and it shall also validate and examine all the records, account statements and such other records of the Board and provide such assistance as it deems necessary as specified under this Act. All the functions of the Board, institute and such other body formed under the provisions of this Act shall perform their function most effectively in pursuance to this Act. The Central Government shall fund the institute as and when necessary by framing an endowment fund and transfer funds. The institute shall maintain all the books of accounts through the Auditor-General and the Comptroller in India. The Central Government for release of funds shall present all the necessary records before the Houses of Parliament for approvals. In case of any legal issues the matter shall be solved through Arbitration unless the provisions under this Act shall not deems fit to go through arbitration.

The RGIPT is co-promoted as energy domain specific institute by leading Oil Public Sector Units. Not only that, it is associated with leading international Universities and institutions specialized in Petroleum Technologies. This RGIPT Act has been amended for better functions in pursuance to the objectives of enactment of this Act.

by C.Srivenkatesh Prabhu.