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The Rajiv Gandhi National Institutes of Youth Development Act, 2012

The Rajiv Gandhi National Institutes of Youth Development Act (RGNIYD) has been incorporated on 30th August, 2012. This has been established to institute this RGNIYD as an institute of national importance and to endow for its incorporations. This is to make the RGNIYD in Kanchipuram to be an institute of National Importance and such other function as specified in this Act.

The main intention for enactment of this Act is to provide academic and research oriented development of Youth and such other Courses, trainings and forming of associations or centers in order to develop the Youth Spirit and activities in pursuance to this Act. This Act aims at assisting by an integral approach. This institute shall assist in framing of all necessary procedure for development and promotion of this institute with an intention to promote youth development and the quality of academic and research oriented activities. This can make any number of rules, regulations and such other activities in pursuance to this Act subject to the approval of the Central Government or such other Competitive authority as prescribed under this Act. Their objective is also to outreach across the Country and even in every corner of the Country.

The headquarters for this institute is in Kanchipuram and it shall open any number of branches or centers in any such place in India. This RGNIYD is a Corporate Body having a Common Seal, Perpetual Succession, can and be sued in its own name. This Institute subject to the provisions of this Act can purchase or acquire, hold or grasp and dispose or organize the property and to a Contract. All the Officers and higher Officials shall hold their Office as they were continued doing before the enactment of this Act with same tenure, payment and terms & conditions unless there arise any alterations made in pursuance to this Act. Not only such Officers or Higher Officials but also the employees shall also continue their Office at same tenure, same terms & conditions with same payments, etc.

This incorporation of this Act shall made certain things mandatory as any reference made in any contracts or such other places, shall be changed by the name of this Institute. All the assets or properties shall be vested with this institute from the date of enactment of this Act. Not only that all the Rights and Liabilities shall be transferred to this institute. President comes as a Visitor from time to time inorder to supervise and guide the institute and assist them on demand after proper investigations and inquiry. This institute functions without any differentiation in race, creed or classes.

This institute shall consist of Executive Council, Academic Council and such other authorities as constituted under this Statute. These Councils performs their delegated duties in pursuance to this Act. This Executive Council is a first executive body and it looks after all the development part of the institute and the Academic Councils concentrates on Academic development. All the Officials appointed shall hold their Office for three years except ex-Officio Secretary and Vice-Secretary, who holds the Office till he is a member of this institute. Other authorities or Committees formed under this Act shall perform their functions with the intention to fulfill the purpose of this Act as specified under the provisions of this Act.

The Central Government with the proper appropriation made by the Parliament shall pay to the institute and such other payment shall be made through the creation of endowment fund and the amount will be transferred to that fund account. All the accounts statements and such other records shall be prepared by Auditor-General and Comptroller and such statements and records shall be presented before the Houses of Parliament inorder to generate any such fund or such other approvals and sanctions from them. The Central Government shall have enormous powers to enact new laws or rules in pursuance to this Act subject to the approval from the Houses of the Parliament.

In case of any legal proceedings, if it deems fit go and settle in Arbitrational Tribunal and the award passed shall be final and Court could not be questioned. This Institute works to expand international Cooperation on all issues in pursuance to youth development. This RGNIYD works as an obligatory, depositary in the Country and surveillance of youth related issues.

by C.Srivenkatesh Prabhu.