The Rampur Raza Library Act, 1975

The Rampur Raza Library Act has been incorporated on 9th May, 1975. This Act has been instituted to pronounce Rampur Raza Library as an institution of national importance and to endow with proper administration, management, etc.

The Central Government constitutes a Board in pursuance to the provisions under this Act through a notification in the Official Gazette. This Board is known as Rampur Raza Library Board. This Board is a Corporate Body having a Common Seal, Perpetual Succession, it can and be sued in its own name. This can purchase, hold and dispose the property and even to contract.

This Board shall be constituted with a Governor of State of Rajasthan, an ex-Officio act as a Chairman. Following the Chairman, a Vice-Chairman and such other Officers, including Accountant, Collector, Magistrate and Director of this Library, as an ex-officio Officers, shall be appointed to perform effective duty in pursuance to the provisions under this Act. Their terms of Office shall be as specified under this Act. The Out-going Officers shall be re-nominated. In case if any member became incapable of performing, then the Central Government and State Government shall appoint such other experience members in that place that is vacant.

In case of Chairman’s absence, the Vice-Chairman shall take his position and will decide any such issues or conduct the meeting as per the instructions of the Chairman. In case of voting inorder to arrive at a majority one such person nominated between the members by the Chairman shall cast second time and this situation of voting arises in case of any questions while in the meeting. All the decisions or Orders made in the meeting shall be duly signed by the Chairman and Vice-Chairman.

In case of any reference made as Library in any Contract shall now be changed into Rampur Raza Library. In order to maintain all the properties, funds, etc, a trust shall be constituted by the Board. All the assets shall be vested with this Library or board and all the rights and liabilities shall be transferred to the trust and board from the day of incorporation of this Act. All employees and Officers shall continue to hold their Office as that of before with the same terms and conditions, tenure, remunerations, etc, unless there arise any changes by the institution of certain provisions under this Act. The Library shall be continued in Rampur and even its collections shall also remain in Rampur. The Board shall perform all the necessary activities in pursuance to this Act subject to the assignment given by the Central Government as and when it deems necessary by planning, promoting, organizing, implementing, etc, of this Rampur Raza Library and its collections and such other functions as may be specified or instructed by the Central Government under this Act in Rampur.

The Central Government shall appropriate the funds with the approval from the Houses of the Parliament by way of grant or loan or in any other form for the efficient functioning of the Library, Board and such other officers and employees appointed in pursuance to the functioning under this Act.  The Board shall maintain all the funds from the Central Governments, State Governments, all fees and charges, etc, or in the mode of Gift, grants, donations, etc.    Any sum received by regulations shall be kept in a current account in a nationalized bank and in case of any excess amount received shall be deposited with the Reserve Bank of India.

The Board shall maintain all the receipts and expenditure estimation to the Central Government during the financial year and it assist the Central Government to analyze and put forward to the Houses of Parliament with the help of all Accounts statements and record to earn genuine funds for the efficient functioning of this Library, Board and such other authorities, Officers and employees in pursuance to this Act. The Account Statements and records shall be prepared by the Auditor-General and the Comptroller. The Central Government shall frame any number of laws or provisions in pursuance to fulfill its intention to incorporate this Act.

by C.Srivenkatesh Prabhu.