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The Rashtriya Rakshah University act 2020

The Rashritya Raksha University Act 2020 was enacted on 28th September 2020 with an objective to establish an institution of National importance or any matter related to. The Act has eight chapters and 53 sections. The declaration of national importance of the institution is stated in section 2 of the Act. As per section three of the act the establishment and incorporation of university is subject to section 4 (1) of the act as a body corporate and the headquarters of the university situates in Gandhi Nagar, Gujarat but the university has the authority to establish Centers any other places in India and abroad. The Jurisdiction of the Act extends all over India.

The impact of the incorporation of the university by virtue of the act is applicable to all activities and belongings of the university on and after commencement of the university including the academics, remuneration of the faculties, researches, privileges and legal proceedings. The object of the university and powers and functions of the university are key features of the act stated in section 6 and section 7. Section six emphasis on the high quality standard of studies, researches and imparting scholarships in coastal policing, law enforcement, cyber security, artificial intelligence, public safety, cybercrime and thereby increasing and highlighting the highest ideals of citizenship and citizen oriented services for the empowerment of the society.

As per section 7 powers and functions of the university giving prime importance providing courses, researches and training in police science, all ventures to promote affiliated colleges, integrated courses, confer honorary degrees, introduction of E- Governance, establishing colleges and centers in Union Territories and States, supervising the disciplinary regulations of students, necessary arrangements of for the welfare of the students in health, cultural and corporate life and in their general welfare, the admission of foreign students, NRI students, or any related matter for the promotion of the activities of the university subject to the provisions of the act. Section 9 of the act states that the university is open to students of all castes, creed and religion.

Chapter 3 of the act states the authority of the university consists of Governing body, executive council, academic council and finance committee and their functions. The Governing body is constituted by the Central Government through Gazette notification.

Chapter 4 deals with the audit and accounts of the university mainly provided by the Central government or State governments. Section 33 states about the Provident fund and other benefits for the employees. Annual report of the university is to be prepared as per the provisions in Chapter five of the Act.
Section 37 and section 38 the making of statues and ordinances in compliance with the provision of the act shall be laid down before the parliament with the prior approval of Central Government.
Chapter 7 deals with the Arbitrary Tribunal for the disputes between the employees and redressal of debarment of students undergone disciplinary actions.

Chapter 8 deals with the miscellaneous provisions of Central Government’s power to make rules and regulations from time to time.

The institution of the Act is a landmark enactment focusing on the betterment of society through high quality educational courses, research and training programs.

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