The Registration of Foreigners Act, 1939

The Act is known to be “The Registration of Foreigners Act, 1939. It extends to whole India. For the purpose of this act “foreigners means, a person who is not citizen of India. With respect to foreigners, central government may make some rules which are notified in gazette such to ask foreigner who is present in India to report his attendance to said authority as in manner prescribed, If such foreigner has to move from one to another place in India then such, foreigner has to report on arrival to that other place and to be present in front of that other place’s authority in manner prescribe, if foreigner who is leaving or departing India will ask to show proof relating to his identity to authority in prescribe manner, if any foreigner who manage hotel or enter any such building then report has to be given mentioning name of such foreigner who is residing there and for what period all to concerned authority in prescribe manner, etc.

Whether any person is foreigner or foreigner of particular class or any such description is in question then burden of proof is on such person who is questioning regarding such person being foreigner or not. If any person who breach rules which are lead down in act by foreigner then such foreigner is punished with imprisonment with one year and fine up to one thousand and if not foreigner then fine of five hundred rupees. Act made in good faith or for public good conscience by any person then against such act no suit or proceeding will lie.

 by Samata. H. Joshi.