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Transgenders’ Rights: A Bill on the issue to be tabled soon in next Session of Parliament

New Delhi: Union Minister, Social Justice and Empowerment, Mr. Thaawar Chand Gehlot, has on yesterday informed that the Bill on the rights of Transgender Community will be put before the Parliament in next of its session.

It was made clear by Mr. Union Minister that, the law on the welfare of the Transgender community was proposed by them and certain matters relevant to the issue of rights of Transgenders were discussed by the a Special Committee which was constituted to look into that issue, in its four meetings. Finally, the Bill on the rights of Transgenders will be introduced in the upcoming monsoon session of Parliament of India.

The fact of introducing the concerned Bill was expressly stated by Mr. T. C. Gehlot while addressing media in a Press conference where also the achievements of his Ministry were highlighted by him in relation to the recent last year.

By providing for a legal framework for the Transgender Community, the ministry seeking to create an ‘umbrella scheme’ where rights as to the Educational, Economic and Social Empowerment of that concerned community will be made available.

Notably, a review petition was filed by the Central Government, where clarifications on the order of honourable Supreme Court of India were sought. The concerned order was on creating Third Category for the Transgender Community people. Pointing this, Mr. Union Minister made it clear that the Bill being ‘Private Member Bill’ of DMK’s Tiruchi Siva, which was passed from Rajya Sabha would be taken up for discussion in Lok Sabha, as afore told.

It can be seen that the said Bill being private member Bill by which the rights of Transgender community were sought to be protected, was even after the initial resistance from the side of Government, was passed in the Rajya Sabha by last April, this year.

Besides, there was also an announcement from the Union Minister, Mr. T. C. Gehlot that the Government also would bring ‘the Rights to Persons with Disabilities Bill’ in aforesaid next Parliament monsoon session, which was sent to the Standing Committee for further consultation, thought the same was earlier introduced in Rajya Sabha in the year 2014. Notably, in the recent last month, the Standing Committee on that Bill has submitted its report to Parliament.

Also, in the April, this year, the draft Bill namely, ‘the Persons in Destitution (Protection, Care and Rehabilitation) Bill’ was also circulated to State Governments for comments.

by Faim Khalilkhan Pathan.