Trial court allows lie detector test on 3 suspects in Sunanda Pushkar case

On Wednesday trial court permitted Delhi Police to do lie detector test on the 3 suspects who were involved in a murder case of Sunanda Pushkar. Police has informed that these 3 persons were witnesses and were completely lying in this matter. Police on May 15 had urged the court to state the proceedings relating to polygraph test on the three stating that they needed to bring out the hidden material facts in the case. Sunil Kumar Sharma, Metropolitan Magistrate had permitted the plea filed by the police when Shashi Tharoor’s driver Bajrangi, friend Sanjay Dewan and domestic help Narain Singh agreed to undertake polygraph test.  Police stated during hearing that they had done the polygraph test on 3 others who were close supporters of Shashi Tharoor they were his family friend Sunil Trakru, Secretary SK Sharma and Vikas Ahlawat.  Sunanda Pushkar was found dead on 17 January 2014 in a hotel suite.

Court instructed the police that they should follow the National Human Rights Commission and Supreme Court guidelines when they conduct the test. As per the procedure the lawyer who is representing them should be present while the test is being conducted and no personal question should be asked which are not related to the case. At the hearing Bajrangi, Dewan, and Singh when questioned by police had not disclosed the facts about the injuries on her body. Dewan had not given his mobile phone to police stating that it was misplaced was stated by the investigating officer to the court. The lawyer who appeared for the said suspects said the court that they were ready to take up the polygraph test as they did not want to give the impression to the court that they are running away from the case. Vikas Pahwa who represent the 3 suspects ask the police to give the details of the questions to the court which they were asking his clients in the test. Then investigating officer told the court that as it was a very sensitive matter it should not be permitted as it will affect the investigation too. Police said Sunanda who was 51 was poisoned and killed and thus they had registered a murder case.

by Sushma Javare.