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U.S. Supreme Court Reinstates Lesbian Woman’s Adoption in Alabama

Washington: Yesterday, i.e. on Monday, 7th March, the United States Supreme Court unanimously overruled an Alabama Court’s decision which balked at recognizing a same- sex adoption. It is seemed in the victory of LGBT rights groups. Thus, the decision of the Lower court, that the adoption rights which were granted to a lesbian couple in the Georgia had no validity in Alabama, however, the decision is reversed by the United States Supreme Court yesterday.

In the case of the Two women, who were identified only by their initials of ‘EL’ and ‘VL’ were raising three biological children ‘EL’ which were conceived while they were in relationship until they separated in the year 2011. The parental rights had been upheld by the Georgia Court, during that time to ‘VL’, who has no biological relationship to the children. However, on her approached to Alabama, she sought visitation rights, also her former partner challenged her parental rights and won in front of the state Supreme Court.

It was also seen that concerned case was observed closely by the advocates from LGBT as a key test of same- sex adoption rights. Moreover, there has been seen that the States are having uneven protections in connection with the same-sex couples raising children, and also there are around more than half of the States who are allowing both partners in same- sex couple to obtain parental rights. The adoption rights of the many same- sex parents as they seen, have found in trouble by a move across the state lines. Also, as per the LGBT allies, who warned that the ruling in Alabama had ‘the potential to wreak havoc’, if it were allowed to stand.

Notably, being one of a handful states, Alabama has remained hostile to the rights of same- sex partners even as most courts give them full recognition. However, when a Federal Judge, in January 2015, struck down constitutional ban of Alabaman on same- sex marriage, it was found that the Chief Justice of the State Supreme Court had written a letter to the Governor promising to continue enforcing the ban. Moreover, it is also notable that there are more than 16,000 same- sex couples, nationwide, who are raising some 22,000 adopted children.

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