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United States and South Korea Launches Military Drills: North Korea Threatens Nuclear Strikes

Seoul, South Korea: Today, i.e. on Monday, 7th March, the North Korea has appeared threatening the United States, that to launch nuclear strikes at the United States and its military bases in Northeast Asia, as the these United States and South Korea have began one of their annual large- scale joint military exercises.

The tensions on the divided Korean peninsula is always being raised with the annual exercises and this year, the situation is appearing volatile, as the there has been a recent nuclear test and long- range rocket launch by North and United Nations sanctions imposed on such actions in response.

This year, the participation in the joint drills, which is known as Key Resolve and Foal Eagle, has bashed up to involve around Fifteen Thousands United States troops and around 0.3 Million south Korean, and also strategic United States’ naval vessels and air force assets.

Moreover, the Powerful National Defence Commission of the North Korea has found stated in the statements which were issued hours before the exercises began, that the North Korea is prepared for an ‘all- out’ military counter- offensive. Moreover, these statements further shows that the as the joint military exercises to be staged by the enemies are regarded as the most undisguised nuclear war drills aimed to infringe upon the North Korea’s sovereignty, as such its military counteractions will be more pre- emptive and offensive nuclear strike to cope with them.

The Statements were made from the North Korean’s top governing agency, the National Defence Commission and they were carried by the North’s Official Korean Central News Agency. Moreover, as per the statements, it further sought maintain that if they would push the buttons to annihilate the enemies even right now, then provocations’ all bases will reduced to seas  in flames and ashes in a moment.

In response, the Ministry Spokesman- Moon Sang- Gyun told to the reporters that if North Korea launches a provocation, then the military of South Korea will respond them, mercilessly.

It was seen that the North Korea has conducted four nuclear tests since 2006. And recently, there was seen a cold battle amongst these nations, which now turns to the dangerous bullying.

Adv. Faim Khalilkhan Pathan