United States Supreme Court to decide, issue on Same- Sex Marriage by June

Washington (US) : Honourable Supreme Court of United States- US has dealt with the matter on this Tuesday, relating to its sitting on the issue of Same- Sex Marriage. It is at few occasion could be seen that the Supreme Court of US had been during its more than two hundred years history deciding the issues relating to acceptance of more expansive and broader definition to the term ‘Marriage’.

Though it is strong presumption that the Marriage being bond amongst the two persons, however, the same is being contingent that there is any mention of gender. The very issued was highlighted before the United States’ Supreme Court by the supporters and objectors of the Same- Sex Marriage. The matter was raised before the full Bench of Nine- Judge of Hon’ble Supreme Court of US, which evenly split 4/4 among conservatives and liberals with remaining one swing vote.

Looking towards the debated issues the very significant was seemed that it was suggested by the supporters that the Same- Sex Marriage is now no more res integra or which is being already settled as there is a wide acceptance of the said by the number of 36 States in America, with only its constitutionality to be settled. As such there was only issues that when the fact of such major acceptance of the Same- Sex Marriage, then remaining minority of the States which has ban the said should be allowed or not.

The Arguments from traditionalists and typically conservative appeared that the matter of Marriage to be regulated by the Elected State Legislatives. However, the supporters contended that the Same- Sex Marriage should not be restricted to the people who are being treated equal and also equal protection of the law is being offered to them under the US Constitution.

In the very trust of the issue raised before the Supreme Court of US, there is a matter namely, a Ohio State based case of Obergefell versus Hodges. It is further, notably, seen that in the recent past one decade, there could be observed a rapid and wide acceptance of Same- Sex Marriage in America.

Justice, Antony Kennedy, being considering the very crucial one Swing Vote had told Mary Bonauto, Lawyer for the Same- Sex Couples, that it is being difficult for the Court to say that ‘We know better. As such, the decisions is expected to reach on by upcoming June.

by Faim Khalilkhan Pathan.