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Video Streaming Patent Case: Apple lost battle in German Court

In a case over a video streaming patents, the German court has rule against The Apple Inc., by handing a victory to Kudelski’s OpenTV unite, in its ongoing intellectual property licensing campaign against major technology companies.

It was seen in the year 2014, that the Apple Inc. was sued by the OpenTV on the issue of infringement of its patents by the Apple. It was claimed that various products are violating its patents right, and these products are including, iPhone and iPad. The matter was pending before the Dusseldorf District Court and it ruling has arrived on Tuesday. While deciding the matter, the court found stated that the Apple products sold in Germany must not use streaming software which infringes OpenTV’s patents.

Now, it is not clear that what steps the Apple Inc. will take to comply with the ruling, either it may accept the decision or may also appeal to the appellate authority. Moreover, it is also notable that the both Apple and also a Kudelski’s spokesman are currently not showing interest in the speaking or commenting over the decision. From over several decades, the Kudelski had developed and acquired a range of moview and digital TV technologies and as such it has became a player in the streaming- video market by virtue of its acquisition of OpenTV in the year 2010.

And as per the Court’s observation, it was said by it that the claim is predominantly valid and well- founded. It is further notable that in the United States, the OpenTV also having a case pending on the issue of patent against Apple.

Moreover, the suit in connection to which the German Court provided its ruling, was filed in 2014 (May) and it was pertaining to three patents which the OpenTV and also its sister company Nagra was shown owning. Moreover, in the suit, various products and services of Apple had been alleged to be infringing the video streaming patents which was also including its iOS mobile device, Apple TV, App Store, OS X- based personal computers.

Adv. Faim Khalilkhan Pathan

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