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What is the purpose of Right to Information Act, 2005?

Point out the organizations that are excluded from the purview of Right to Information Act, 2005?

The Act is legislated to provide to set up the machinery to implement the right to information for citizens which held under the control of public authorities, by which, transparency and accountability be promoted in the working of every public authority, constituted by Central Information Commission and State Information Commissions.  The transparency and accountability may assist in eliminating the corruption by making such governments and their instrumentalities accountable for the such acts while rendering their services to the public; however, the Act also ensures that the preservation of confidentiality of sensitive information.  The Act also set up the machinery to provide the information expeditiously requested by the public.


Section 24 of the Act excluded certain organizations under the purview of the Act. Section 24 states that Act is not applicable to certain organizations that are classified as intelligence and security organizations specified in the Second Schedule, being organizations established by the Central Government or State Government; however, such information is not excluded which is related to allegations of corruption and violation of human rights.  This information will be provided by such organizations after the approval of the Central Government or State Government as the case may be.  Such excluded organizations are given under Second Schedule to the Act. They are:

Intelligence and Security Organization established by the Central Government

  1. Intelligence Bureau.
  2. Research and Analysis Wing of the Cabinet Secretariat.
  3. Directorate of Revenue Intelligence.
  4. Central Economic Intelligence Bureau.
  5. Directorate of Enforcement.
  6. Narcotics Control Bureau.
  7. Aviation Research Centre.
  8. Special Prontier Force.
  9. Border Security Force.
  10. Central Reserve Police Force.
  11. Indo-Tibetan Border Police.
  12. Central Industrial Security Force.
  13. National Security Guards.
  14. Assam Rifles.
  15. Sashtra Seema Bal.
  16. Special Branch (CID), Andaman and Nicobar.
  17. The Crime Branch-C.I.D.-C13. Dadra and Nagar Haveli.
  18. Special Branch. Lakshadweep Police.
  19. Special Protection Group.
  20. Defence Research and Development Board.
  21. Border Road Development Board.
  22. Financial Intelligence Unit, India.

What is ‘information’ according to Right to Information Act?

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