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“Wild allegations” against Navy officers and its Internal Justice System

As per board of inquiry (BOI) reports and orders of Armed Forces Tribunal and Supreme Court there are various forms of corruption that is happening in Indian Navy like breach of security

Armed Forces Tribunal has requested the Navy to reassign the officers who were removed on petty grounds. A navy officer who was from Southern Naval command in Kochi in January 2014, had reported that another officer had an affair with his wife, although the two had divorced 3 months before. These findings were as per the confessions which both the accused gave, who were then discharged from work and their pension was cut off by 25%.

Many navy officers were facing such inquiries who were now trying to settle down in their normal public life, wherein the main accusation against them was having an affair with the colleague’s wife which has led to their fall in career and reputes too.

BOI had accused 4 officers of Navy, which included Commander Kalyan Kumar in 2011 for breach of information security and having contact with foreign nationals and giving crusade of ships and details regarding it to others. Later the chief of Navy had decided to sack them and ordered court-martial and dismissed 3 of the officers and let off another navy officer.

Later Kumar had appealed Supreme Court and AFT too wherein he got his dismissal suppressed. The officer who was let off was the person who had actually exchanged emails with others regarding the ship’s details and also took away the data in an unauthorised way. Supreme Court confirmed the order passed by AFT where Kumar was awarded for 5 year severe displeasure period and now he will be re-joining Navy as he is waiting for his orders from Navy.

Another case of Commander R V Desai who was sacked in April 2013 for sending dirty messages to women and now he too is awaiting his return back to Navy. In another incident where 2 officers were killed and many injured as smoke has engulfed sailor’s cabin and Navy Chief Admiral DK Joshi took the responsibility for the accidents and so he had to resign.

by Sushma Javare.